Sunday, January 25, 2009

Week ending Jan 25

Mon -- 18.5 miles (3,500ft). 3:10. Up Horsetooth to Westridge to Mill Creek into Lory State Park, up behind Arthur's Rock on Howard, back down Arthur's Rock Trail to South Shore into Horsetooth. Up Saw Mill to Stout and around to Spring Creek and home. Turned out to be a pretty hot and blustery morning. Didn't bring enough water and was a bit short through the last section. Felt decent after Saturday's effort and was able to push in places. Reasonably strong on the hills.

Tues -- 8 miles (1,550ft). 1:16. Took it easy for the most part. Legs felt decent after yesterday's effort. Groin giving me some gyp, so took it extra easy on the downhills.

Weds -- 8 miles (1,550ft). 1:14. Groin felt a little better, but pain is still there. Will back off next week. Must work new variations into my daily run. This one is getting a little stale. Already run it eight times this year. Wearing shorts and T-shirt, and still sweating buckets. Indian summer on the Front Range.

Thurs -- 10.5 miles (2,000ft). 1:36. Up Horsetooth, down Wathan, up Herrington/Towers, down Spring Creek and home. Groin feeling better, maybe 70%. Temps in the low 70s, apparently. Phew.

Fri -- 13 miles (2,100ft). 1:59. From Soderburg TH with Kenny to Arthur's Rock parking and back to Towers. Up Towers to Westridge and across to Horsetooth and down and home. Temps back to normal. Fully layered up with snow falling. Felt sluggish most of the way. Groin and knee affecting stride on downhills. Next week will be a cut-back week.

Sat -- 17.5 miles (1,000ft). 2:10. Up Redstone Canyon and back. 50 mins out and 44 mins (6:45s) back on Redstone Canyon. Easy to and from Redstone, although Amy met me just before Overhill and we pushed hard up the hill.

Sun -- Off. Had originally wanted to run today, but body (groin) felt like it needed a day off. Plus, the computer blew up (literally) so we had to make an unplanned trip to Denver Apple for repairs. Second time in less than a year that the Mac has been in for repairs. My PCs have all had better track records than this Mac...

Total: 75.5 miles. (11,700 vertical).

A solid week. Came up short of the 90 miles I had wanted to run, but now is not the time to be pushing through possible injury, so took Sunday off and will likley take Monday too. Hopefully, knee and groin will be sufficiently rested by Tuesday.

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