Sunday, May 27, 2012

Three Weeks Ending May 27

Week Ending May 13

Mon - AM: 5 miles (1,000') easy. Falls loop.

Tues - AM: 11 miles track
. Hit the track early with Mike and Slush for 3 x 2 mile @ 10k pace. Was hoping to run 5:20s, but settled in at 5:30 pace and knew early that's where I was for the morning. Had to work a bit for these: 10:58 (5:29, 5:29); 10:57 (5:29, 5:28); 11:01 (5:32, 5:29).
PM: 5 miles (1,000') easy. Falls loop.

Weds - Noon: 8.5 miles (2,100') easy
. Falls - Spring Creek - Wathan - Rock - Horsetooth Summit - Audra - Southridge - Soderberg. Could have run all day it was so nice out, but much to do.
PM: 3 miles (700') easy. Bench loop.

Thurs - AM: 10.5 (1,000') easy.
With Celeste on Bluesky.
PM: 7.5 miles easy with FCTR.

Fri - AM: 13.5 miles (3,200') easy
. Marking Quad Rock course with DBow.
PM (1): 5.5 miles (1,200') easy. Marking QR course.
PM (2): 3 miles (500') easy. Marking QR course.

Sat - Off.
Quad Rock race directing all day.

Sun - Off.
Traveling all day.

Total: 72.5 miles (10,700')

Week Ending May 20

Mon - Off. Traveling all day.

Tues - 10 miles easy
on roads in La Palma (to lighthouse and back on south side of the island with Geoff and Joe).

Weds - 8 miles (2,500') easy
. Trail run to Pico de Bejenado in La Palma; awe-inspiring crater views and an all-star cast of characters to enjoy with.

Photos: Ian Corless
PM: 4 miles easy jog to watch 100 meter fun on volcano scree. Major crick in neck from flight prevented my participation.

Thurs: 8 miles easy
on roads with Max, Geoff and Dakota. 

Fri: 4 miles (1,000') easy
with Marcus, Ian, Wolfepaw, and Ian on last few of Zegama course. Trails seemed benign enough. Two days later they would be carved up with rain run-off, and sloughing off the side of the mountain in places. Major false sense of security from this run.

Sat: 6 miles (600') easy
with Dakota and Nikki in Segora.

Sun: 26 miles (9,000') race.
Zegama Marathon.  Not my best day. More to come on this.

Total: 66 miles (12,100')

Week Ending May 27

Mon - Off. Traveling all day (chose not to run a mile around Madrid airport with Joe).

Tues - 5 miles (1,000') easy
. Falls loop. Totally dead legs and below zero energy. Ughh.

Weds - 5 miles (1,000') easy
. Not much better than Tuesday.

Thurs - AM: 18 miles (2,100')
. Warmed up a couple of miles on valley trails, than met Mike and Slush for a loop around Lory: Timber - Westridge - Howard - Link - East Valley. Then tempo'ed an out and back to Arthurs TH from the visitors center on Lodgepole, tacking on a mile cool down at the end to take me through to the 8:30 Quad Rock debrief with Lory rangers. Good to be back running with hometown trail friends. Felt much better than Tues and Weds.
PM - 6.5 miles easy. FCTR social run.  

Fri - Noon: 11.5 miles (2,100') easy
. Falls - Spring Creek - Stout - Loggers - Carey Springs - Towers - Secret Trail - Westridge - Horsetooth Summit - Audra - Southridge - Soderberg.
PM: 5 miles (1,000') easy. Falls loop. Legs still a little achy, but felt smooth nonetheless.

Sat - AM: 27 miles (8,900') hills
. Early morning start with Sarah, Kyle and Mike from Garden Gate TH to top of Crosier (9,250'), then down middle trail to Gravel Pit with Mike, and up Dunraven Glade to the Signal/Donner TH to meet up with Pete. Hoofed it up to Donner Pass with a summit of Lookout Mtn (10,626') thrown in for good measure. Had planned a Crystal summit too, but that would have been an extra 7 miles and ~2,000 feet of gain, which I wasn't really feeling and Mike definitely wasn't, so we turned around and headed back to Dunraven TH, getting a ride off Pete back to Garden Gate. Outing was slowed a good bit by some pretty significant downed-tree carnage on the Donner trail, but nothing that couldn't be skirted, ducked or hurdled. Ended up being pretty clammy out, which is all good training for WS. Slow and easy today with some hiking on the last grunter from Miller Fork to the Bulwark Ridge intersection.

Sun - AM: 11 miles (4,700') 14'er. Camped Saturday night near the South Elbert TH with the family and some FoCo/Boulder/Springs trail running reprobates. Up early for a jaunt up Mt Elbert (14,443') before a day of playing in the mountains with Dana and the kids. Little to no pop in the legs after Saturday's outing, but still managed a running cadence for at least a majority of the uphill. Summit to myself with little to no wind. Laced the descent. Killer start to the morning. I have to say, that for being the highest mountain in the state, Elbert is quite an unimpressive lump of a peak with a thoroughly anticlimactic summit (which is to take nothing away from the fantastic sea-of-summit views). 
PM: 3 miles (700') bits and pieces with the family around Blue Lake under Quandry Peak and then on the Colorado Trail by Breck.

Total: 92 miles (21,500')

Been super busy the last three weeks, which has impacted the training volume considerably (not to mention the blogging output). One more week of mileage before I begin tapering for Western States - or at least I think that's the plan. Back to Leadville/Minturn next weekend for a last crack of the mountain whip.

Quad Rock and Spain/Zegama reflections in the blogging pipeline once work and other commitments are all caught up. But here's a sneak preview: Quad Rock A-, Zegama C+.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Week Ending May 6

Mon - Noon: 5 miles (1,000') easy. Falls loop.
PM: 6 miles (700') easy. Valley trails.
January: 330 miles (45,200')
February: 445 miles (58,500')
March: 501.5 (79,600')
April: 430 (66,800')
Total: 1,706.5 miles (250,100')
Avg: 427 miles (62,525')

2012 Summits (58)
Horsetooth (7,255') (27)
Arthurs (5)
Green Mountain (7,335')
7,098' (Poll Mtn range)
Goat Hill
Reservoir Ridge
7,260' (Ziggy Point)
8,415' (Leila Peak)
Mount Ethel
Buckhorn Mountain
5,740' (1)
5,740' (2)
Table Mountain (7,074')
5,773' or 'Aggie Peak'
Green Ridge (7,402')
Spruce Mountain (7,781')
Storm Mountain (9,918')
Sullivan Stump (7,778')
Lily Mountain (9,786')
Round Mountain
Crosier Mountain (9,250') (3)
Tues - AM: 7.5 miles intervals. Last Tuesday morning workout of the 'off season.' We revert to Tuesday nights at the CSU track in a couple of weeks. Workout was 2 x road mile, 2 x 1,200. Ran with Chris Mac for all of these: 5:24, 5:15, 3:59, 3:51. Been a few weeks since I've done an interval workout, but these felt decent enough. Felt good to spin the wheels a bit.    
PM: 7.5 miles (1,800') easy. Falls - Spring Creek - Wathan - Rock - Soderberg. Felt some good flow on this one, especially up Wathan. Hopefully turning the corner on a week or two of post Lake Sonoma-, flu-induced fatigue.

Weds - Noon: 6 miles (700') easy. Valley trails.
PM: 6.5 miles easy. Bike paths before FCRC board meeting.  

Thurs - AM: 10.5 miles (2,700') easy. Early morning cruise with Slush and Mike. Good to be back on the Thursday morning schedule. Falls - Spring Creek - Herrington - Towers - Secret Trail - Rock - Horsetooth Summit - Rock - Audra - Southridge. 
PM: 10.5 miles (2,000'). Towers hard. 29:20 (6 second PR). Started out conservative and feeling a little bloated from lingering stomach bug issues, but soon settled into a steady rhythm once on the hill. I wasn't really sure if I wanted to push out a hard effort, but the Stout split was in the ball park and things felt reasonably controlled, so I committed from there. Thought I was going to spank my PR and go under 29 minutes given how smooth I was feeling, but I guess I wasn't moving quite as well as I thought. A PR is a PR, though. Splits w differential versus PR splits: Towers: 2:58 (+13 secs), Stout: 8:46 (+3), Herrington: 16:25 (-18), Spring Creek: 24:57, Top: 29:20 (-6).

Fri - Noon: 8 miles (2,100') easy. Falls - Spring Creek - Wathan - Horsetooth Summit - Audra - Southridge - Soderberg. Hot one today, but was feeling good. Think I might be over the hump with regards to fatigue and stomach buggery. 
PM: 5 miles (1,000') easy. Falls loop.

Sat - AM: 14.5 miles (5,100') Hills. Longs Peak (14,259'). From the East Longs TH to the summit via Keyhole route. Original plan was to summit Lady Washington (a ranked Larimer County peak), but at the Boulder Field, I decided to forge on and tag Longs with the idea of picking up MLW on the way back down. Running was good enough through the trees, with a firm pack of snow from Goblins Forest to treeline and then pretty much clear the rest of the way up. Wind was blowing a gale through the keyhole (no surprise there), and there was some ice sketch traversing the ledgy sections past the Keyhole, and a fair bit of snow in the Trough, but it was largely good going. Took things pretty easy for the most part. Wind was fierce past the Trough and I was freezing my nads off, so didn't linger on the summit (tag and go). By the time I was back at the Boulder Field, I was pretty much done with being whipped around by the wind, so forewent MLW in favor of a route-one return home to Get Stuff Done. Bumped into The Slow Man between the BF and Granite Pass on the way down. Goblins: 14:40, Chasm: 45:00, Granite: 59:42, BF: 1:19:21, Keyhole: 1:32:36, Trough top: 2:04:40, Summit: 2:17:10, Down: 2:00.  

Sun - AM: 23 miles (1,600') long. Ran the 14 miles from home to help out at the 'Bagel Hill' aid station (mile 6/19) on the Fort Collins Marathon (and Half) course, then ran with Pete for four miles to the 23 mile marker before backtracking a half mile to run with Sarah for her last 3.5 miles en route to a sub three hour finish in her first marathon; good for second overall. Also had the pleasure of running with Luke Crespin (running right at Pete's pace) and ultrarunning rock star Brooks Williams who was up from the Springs with his soon-to-be bride in for her first half marathon. Fun morning, legs felt great. Roar.
Total: 110 miles (18,700')

Couldn't resist the call of the high country this weekend to officially get the 2012 alpine running season underway ... in May. There is a ton of above-timberline terrain already snow free, which is really bad news for the watershed and forests, but great news for runners, and I intend to make the most of it. Obviously I can't do the live-out-of-the-truck thing (lived those years already), so I'll be setting the alarm early this summer.

Quad Rock on Saturday, then volcanoes and Pyrenean peaks the week thereafter. Burch has been prognosticating about the men's race over at his joint. I think he's missed a few names. Stapanovich will be a factor, Jim Rebenack went under 4 hours (comfortably) at Chuckanut, then the word on the local wire is that Antonelli has been pumping out quadruple Towers sessions in preparation. And I'm not even going to start on Hinterberg. But I'm still betting the house on Burch. 

Some of those guys are going to get beaten by the women's winner, who in my book is going to be one of Leila Degrave, Steph Lynn, or Jenny Pierce. The car is going on Steph, with a back-up long shot bet on Kristel Liddle who has reportedly been consuming hills for breakfast, lunch and dinner in training.

In the 25, we've got the brothers Goding, Towers Sam, barefoot Kyle, old man Jaime and late-entrant Crandall. Not going to call that one, but I think it will be close. If Cat Speights runs like she did yesterday in the marathon, then she takes the 25 mile tiara for the women. Does anyone go under 3:10 or 7:20 for the men? I don't think so. 3:50 or 8:45 for the women? I'm thinking not, but those are the arbitrary, we-don't-have-a-course-record-yet standards that I just made up.

The fun starts at 5:00 AM Saturday morning. I think we're ready.