Thursday, January 8, 2009

My Bread & Butter Run in Pictures

These pictures were taken January 8 with temperatures that must have been in the low 60s: positively balmy. I figured it would be a good day to try and capture some images of my daily bread-and-butter run.

A view of Horsetooth Rock from my deck.

The Soderburg service drive to the trails in the park, taken from the road to our house.

Our neighborhood from the service drive.

Jeep track up to the park's single-track trails.

One of the most trafficked trails in the park. A short mile and half from here gets you to the base of Fort Collins' famed Horsetooth Rock.

Rocks and roots on the trail.

Railroad tie steps are a common feature in the park. This set is about the half-way point to Horsetooth Rock.

The Rock after which so much is named in Fort Collins.

A little closer.

Longs and Meeker from the top of Horsetooth. Private roads up Redstone Canyon in the foreground.

More Redstone Canyon.

Horsetooth Reservoir from Horsetooth Rock

More reservoir.

Heading back down the mountain on the Wathan trail; one of the park's best.

More Wathan

Wathan leads down to Spring Creek and Herrington leads you back up the valley to the Stout trail or Towers Road.

Back up Towers Road to the Spring Creek turn-off, which runs all the way back down the valley. Spring Creek, which is almost always dry, runs over the drop below. Horsetooth Falls is one of the most common destinations in the park, being just a mile from the main parking lot, but I can only imagine it is a disappointment for a majority who hike out there. This is about as dramatic as it gets, except in late spring/early summer when there is actually a decent volume of water.

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