Sunday, January 11, 2009

Week Ending Jan 11

Mon -- Off.
Tues -- 8 miles (1,550 ft). Horsetooth/Audra Culver route. Felt out of sorts and struggled on hills.
Weds -- Off. Violent winds.
Thurs -- 10 miles (2,000 ft) . To top of Horsetooth Rock, back down Wathan to Herrington, up Towers and back down Spring Creek to Falls, and home. Phew, what a scorcher. Felt like a spring run.
Fri -- 8 miles. Horsetooth/Audra Culver. 1:13 (9:35 up Horsetooth, 1,550 ft). Felt better than Tues, but still sluggish.
Sat -- 9.5 miles. Round Mountain. 58:23 up, about the same down. 3,000+ ft of climb.
Sun -- 20-21 miles on the Blue Sky trail. 3:05. Felt pretty good the whole way round.

Total -- 56 miles (9,000 ft)

A good week after a slow start.

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