Thursday, January 15, 2009

First Race Weekend of the Year

While the Twin Mountain Trudge will likely be the lowest of low-key races, it will, nonetheless, be my first race of the year so I'm starting to get pretty excited about the short trip north to Laramie.

From the race website:

11 mile single loop 'classic' race:

Hilly, cold, and windy, but stunningly beautiful loop that circles the Twin Mountain massif while winding through massive rock outcroppings and valleys. Racers will encounter long stretches of thigh deep snow, some ice, and 2000 feet of climbing. One unmanned, basic aid station will be found midway around the loop. Very challenging.

22 mile double loop 'marathon' race:

Two of the 11-mile loops run in the same direction (in case you missed something the first time). In addition to having the unmanned aid station twice, there will be a fully-stocked aid station at the 11 mile point with warm food. This course is just as challenging as a 50k race -- harder in high snow years.


No snowshoes, skis or other special floatation devices allowed. During extremely high snow years, we may change this rule.

Ski poles are allowed.

Traction devices are allowed, e.g., MicroSpikes, FlightBoots, YakTrax, etc.

Cutoff: 22 mile racers must finish the first loop in 3:30 to be allowed to continue.

All racers must carry the following minimum required gear: 20 oz of water, 200 calories of food, wind coat, warm hat, and gloves. Required gear will be checked at registration and at the finish line. These are minimums. I'd suggest carrying much more.

BE PREPARED. There is no way off of the loop until the finish. If injured, it may take hours to recover your body, er, I mean rescue you.

As difficult as it may seem when you are out there, just enjoy...

I'm signed up for the two-lap version, and from what I can make out the race is taking place in the same general vicinity as the Wyoming Double Marathon. While slogging along the uninspired jeep track that the marathon followed last year, I noticed a bunch of trailheads with routes heading east that looked like they would be a lot of fun to follow. I'm guessing that we'll be starting from one of those very trailheads, so I'm really looking forward to checking out some of the Wyoming dirt and outstanding mountain scenery those trails have to offer.

The weather has been particularly mild of late and it looks like the conditions will be close to perfect for a race that describes wading through thigh-deep snow as being part of the fun! According to we'll be enjoying 40 degree temps, clear skies and, most importantly for Wyoming, winds no stronger than 15 mph on Saturday. Can't wait.

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