Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fortnight Ending September 25

Mon - 4.5 miles easy

Tues - 6 miles (500') easy. Valley

Weds - 4.5 miles (800') easy. Falls loop.

Thurs - 7.5 miles (700') easy on the Bluesky Trail with Eric

Fri - 4.5 miles (800') easy. Falls loop.

Sat - 50 miles (7,000'). Run Rabbit Run.

Sun - 0 miles.

Total: 72.5 miles (9,800').

Mon - 0 miles

Tues - 0 miles

Weds - 0 miles

Thurs - 7 miles (700') easy with Bryan S on Bluesky.

Fri - 4.5 miles (800') easy. Falls loop.

Sat - 7.5 miles (1,000') easy with Slush. Soderberg TH - Towers - Stout - Loggers - Mill Creek - Link - Valley - Soderberg TH. Measuring Scott's Runners Without Borders course.

Sun - 17 miles (6,700'). Mummy Traverse.

Total: 36 miles (9,200')

Not much going on really on the running front. Took a bunch of days off after Run Rabbit Run 50, and then didn't do much else other than the Mummy Traverse on Sunday, which while a solid butt kicker, felt really good. Probably keep up with this easy theme for at least another week and then start thinking about the North Face 50 in December, which I'm kind of leaning towards doing.

The downside of all this non-focused jogginess is that JM is probably going to give me a severe ass whooping at the Silent Trails 10 miler in a couple of weekends. He claims to be in great shape right now and reckons his 2:27 bid for the Cal International Marathon is on. If I beat him of course, then it will brought up at every possible opportunity for at least the next year. All the pressure is on Justin then - just the way I like it.

Lots of friends running in the local trail marathon this weekend, with lots of predicted finish times and placings to watch out for. I hope to be able to make it up for the finish, but will have to hot foot it from town after presiding over the Rolland Moore 4k, which will kick off the 2011/12 Tortoise and Hare series. So if you're not running or volunteering at Bluesky, consider coming out to run Rolland Moore.


  1. 10 miles in 59:40 this AM, in training! That's about 10 minutes faster than you ran for the same distance at Silent Trails last year...

  2. 10 miles on a bike path at 5,000' versus 10.5 miles on hilly trail at 9,000'. Keep fooling yourself, sr. Mock, you're falling right into my trap!

  3. What was that a few weeks ago about being done for the year? I guess we should have gotten you on the record!