Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fortnight Ending September 4

Mon - 6 miles easy to Les Bois.

Tues - 6 miles easy to Les Bois.

Weds - Off.

Thurs - 4 miles easy w/Matt, Dakota, and Bryon.

Fri - 90 miles (30,000'). UTMB to Trient.

Sat - As Friday

Sun - Off

Total: 106 miles (30,000')

Mon - Off

Tues - 3.5 miles (800') easy. Social run and beers with the Fort Collins Trail Runners.

Weds - Off

Thurs - 8 miles (1,000') easy with Slush, Sarah and Brian S. Towers - Stout - Sawmill - Loggers - Mill Creek - Arthurs - Valley - Soderberg. It felt so good to be back running at Horsetooth with my Thursday morning crew - it's been too long. We were out and up high in time to see the sunrise over the eastern plains and above the reservoir; it was truly spectacular. The Alps are cool and everything, but (cliche alert) there really is no place like home. Running in familiar places with good friends is fantastic for the soul, I found out today.
January: 440.5 miles (45,850')
February: 304.5 miles (39,200')
March: 469.5 miles (67,100')
April: 427 (62,000')
May: 509.5 (92,500')
June: 323 (54,900')
July: 303.5 (79,700)
August: 297.5 (70,000')

Total: 3,075 miles (511,350')
Avg: 384 miles (63,918')
Fri - Off

Sat - 9 miles (1,500') easy. To top of Horsetooth via Hiking Trail and back via Audra/Southridge, then 2 miles hiking with Alistair and Stella to waterfall and back.

Sun - 3.5 miles (1,000') hiking with the family to Gem Lake.

Total: 24 miles (4,300')

Considering how physically defeated I felt at the top of Col Forclaz some 85-90 miles into UTMB, I was pretty surprised to wake up Sunday morning able to walk with relative ease. It's still a little hard for me to believe that I dropped so close to the finish, but that's where it unraveled for me, and so it goes. It's been nice this last week to get out and run as and when the mood dictates. That's how I see the rest of my year going.

Moving right along. So a couple of dates have been finalized for December running fun in The Fort. The Chubster is set for Dec 10, while the year-end Towers finale will happen the following Thursday on Dec 15.

For anyone in the Laramie area on the weekend of October 8, the Silent Trails Memorial race will be taking place then. This is an awesome race in a beautiful location for a very reasonable price ($20). The event is held in remembrance of the 8 University of Wyoming cross country runners killed by a drunk driver on Hwy 287 while on their way to a cross country meet in 2001. The trail running community up in Laramie is very close knit and this is a very special event for everyone involved. This year is the tenth anniversary of the accident (and the race) so it would be great to see as many runners as possible from the local area out supporting.

Hardrock applications went live recently.

I am hearing on the wires that the folks who now own the Leadville 100 will be looking to bolster their field for next year. Considering they are going up against UTMB, I would have to assume that part of the strategy will be a cash purse. If so, I'd be interested to see what kind of field they can put together. Having never raced it, I know I'd be tempted. Leadville has long had the name recognition, especially since The Book was published, but has never really attracted that strong of a field. Not quite sure why. I have also heard that a stretch of singletrack is being constructed to alleviate the nastiness of running to and from the turnaround at Winfield on that horrendously dusty stretch of forest road.

Really been enjoying the cooler weather here in Colorado the last week or so. I heard that the snow was flying up at Cameron Pass a few days ago. Won't be long now until the high country gets shut down for the season. Got to make the most of the next few weeks.


  1. In for The Chubster and probably Leadville as well. Will be really cool to see what kind of a field they get, should a purse get introduced.

  2. Enjoy the fall. Still slightly muggy at the moment here in DC but definitely cooler, and cooler is nice. Not sure where you get your wire info but a purse at Leadville could be all the tipping that the race needs at this point to become the place to be for all the quick guys and gals. I guess time will tell. Perhaps InsideTrail will break the story with an expose. Hardrock app in the mail.

  3. They would do well to get rid of the road section from Fish Hatchery to treeline to Half Moon as well.

  4. Nick,

    how do you retrospectively feel about your mileage ? ...too much, or just about right ? ... are you still trying to run "more miles" or "more hills" .. or do you think you found the right balance ? thnkx in advance.

  5. I like the road section between Fish Hatchery and Pipeline.

    Nick, yes, at the prerace meeting the LT100 RD announced that a trail between the Hope Pass trailhead and Winfield is under construction and should be ready by next year's race. The trail is in progress, apparently.

    A cash purse at Leadville would be interesting, for sure. The timing is such (after WS100 and Hardrock) that the race would likely attract a very strong field if a purse were available.

  6. Manni - Hard to say. I ran more this year (mileage and vertical) getting ready for WS than I did last year, and perhaps saw a faster time as a result. It wasn't a huge difference, but I think I was able to maintain a higher level of consistency for the three-month block before WS this year versus last year.

    The rest of the summer after WS was pretty much riding that fitness and trying to speed recovery and reduce fatigue between races all the way through to UTMB - where I finally ran out of gas.

    Any more than 120 miles with heavy hills per week is tough for me to pull off. Not only in terms of available time, but also in terms of effort output and recovery - so I don't see much personal benefit in trying to push beyond that. I felt fit and fresh at WS, so I'd say I rode the line pretty well.

    Right now, I can't conceive of much more than 70 miles per week, but have the urge to get back into some kind of road racing shape. So maybe some short distance road racing with training focused on lower mileage and more quality. See where that end is for a while.

    Not sure what next year will look like, but I'm guessing lower overall mileage and less racing.