Monday, October 5, 2009

Week Ending Oct 4

Mon - No run. Felt some pain in my right groin, an area that has given me major grief in recent years, so took that as a sign to take it very easy this week.

Tues - 6.5 miles track. Split miles. 2.5 miles easy, then 800 warm-up, followed by 3 split miles (3x(300, 100 easy), 400 hard), (600, 200 easy, 300, 100 easy, 400), (1,000, 200 easy, 400). Fun workout, which I wish I could have pushed harder, but opted to run at LT to avoid any undue stress. Mile and half warm down.

Weds - 7 miles easy (1,500') with Jeremy on first loop of Blue Sky course. No watch.

Thurs - 6 easy. Soderburg to Arthurs and back. No watch.

Fri - No run. Rehabing a rental all day, then solo with Alistair in the evening. Wanted to get out for a run all day, but got into a painting and trimming zone, so pushed through until it was time to pick up Alistair. Didn't sweat the goose egg, as I pledged early to go easy this week.

Sat - 4 miles easy at Pineridge setting up the T&H course with Paul.

Sun - 27 miles. Blue Sky Marathon (3,500'). 3:22.

Total - 50 miles (5,000')

Pretty much a blah week. Felt good racing on Sunday, despite seriously wobbly hamstrings late in the game. Not much else to get excited about really. Three weeks out from Dublin now, which according to most off-the-shelf training plans means it is a taper time. I think I was there mentally about two weeks ago. First half of this week will be about recovery, then will try to get a decent workout in on Thursday before getting ready for the third installment of the Laramie Triple Crown (Silent Trails), which is shaping up to be a fun, competitive race.

Just checked the lottery stats for Western States. According to the website, there are currently more than 1,100 runners registered for the draw with ten days left to register. Considering many of the available 300 spots will be taken by two-time lottery losers and those who finished top ten last year, I am guessing there won't be many more than 200 places up for grabs in the lottery. By my math, the current probability of getting a spot is 1 in 5.5. That will likely be closer to 1 in 10 by the time it is all said and done. Good thing really, as I would much rather run Hardrock.

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