Sunday, October 25, 2009

Week Ending Oct. 25

Mon - 6 miles easy on lower valley trails. Ran with the i-pod and found myself getting into a deep zone of thought again. Visualized all kinds of late-in-the-race scenarios for Dublin - mostly fantasy-land stuff, but also some good stuff on digging deep and getting the job done late. Legs much improved from Sunday, but still a bit sore.

Tues - 5 miles track. The lady who organizes the Tuesday night workouts at the CSU track, Jane Welzel (5 time OT qualifier (yes, 5 time) and 2:33:01 PR), was kind enough to put together a pre-marathon workout for tonight's session in preparation for Dublin. This was much appreciated and the workout turned out to be exactly the boost of confidence I needed. The workout as described in the group email:

This is a marathoners workout (this ones for you Nick!)
This has a mental preparation component as well as the physical training bit.
Think of the marathon in 3 parts
10 miles
10 miles
The first 10 miles the pace should feel really comfortable
The second 10 miles in order to keep the pace you need to put out a little more effort
The last 10K takes a bit more effort to keep the pace.
So this workout we will do 5X1000 with a 200 jog in between intervals
Do the first 2 at marathon pace
next 2 at 1/2 marathon pace
last one at 10K pace this will simulate increasing the effort and the mental focus.

Goal pace for Dublin is 6:07, but went a little harder as all systems seemed to be firing nicely. Ended up hitting the first two kms in 3:38 (5:50) & 3:35 (5:45), both of which felt super smooth. Legs were still not 100% but felt the lightest they have in weeks, maybe months. Hit the next two in 3:25 (5:28) & 3:20 (5:21), still feeling strong, then cranked the last one in 3:14 (5:12) feeling like I was ready for more. Gonna' take it and run with it.

Weds - 6 miles easy on lower valley trails. No watch.

Thurs - Travel

Fri - 4 miles easy up and around the university in Canterbury.

Sat - Wedding

Sun - Travel

Total: 21 miles.

Pre-marathon week, so not much but easy stuff to get the legs good and rested.

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