Saturday, October 10, 2009

Laramie - We Tried

First beardcicles of the season. I'm beginning to look a bit Taliban; might have to get the scissors out soon.

So I picked up Pete, as planned, at 6:30 this morning for a quick jaunt up to Laramie to run the Silent Trails 10 miler, a race put on in memory of eight members of the Wyoming U. Cross Country Team who were killed by a drunk driver on Highway 287 in 2001.

It would also serve as the third installment of the Laramie Triple Crown, the first two installments of which Michael Huntington and I had a split. This therefore would be the decider.

Conditions out were not good. In Fort Collins there was a good four to five inches of snow on the ground, meaning there would probably be double that up at the race location at 8,000 feet. We would never find out.

On I-25, we were turned around at Wellington - road closed. Cutting across to 287, the county roads were almost impassable. By the time we got to 287, we had 85 minutes to get to the race start - doable in good conditions, tempting fate in crap conditions. Considering the roads were dire, we had no option but to abort mission and turn around. Bummer.

Moving quickly on to plan B, we headed up to Horsetooth and got a good 10 miler in as the first snow run of the season. Man, this was a big dump for early October.

Pete headed up Horsetooth Trail

Visibility was low, but you could just about make out Horsetooth behind the trees from Westridge

I never bump into anyone on Mill Creek. Today Eric was out making tracks. He knew we were planning to run in Laramie, so he was pretty surprised to see us. Last time I bumped into Eric on the trail was at the Keyhole on Longs.

Last two photos: Eric Lee


  1. That beard is out of control.

    I tried too from the other direction and failed. At least you got some miles in though.

    Put it on the calendar again for next year.


    Well, After 7 years of 'getting lucky', the (in)famous Laramie weather finally caught up with us! This years October 10th edition is officially cancelled. All roads to the race start are closed, and even if they open up, the race could be dangerous with 2-3' drifts and single digit temperatures. Stay tuned for more information on shirt mailings/pickup or race rescheduling. Thanks for your support!

  3. I wish I could be out enjoying the snow. Horsethooth looks awesmome, but my house is recovering from the flu. Good thing...if they reschedule...I might have returned from pig back to human form to head up to the race.

  4. Nick, this is totally gonna mess up your miles per dollar for the month!

  5. Bummer, but smart move not trying to drive fast in bad conditions.

  6. Justin - maybe the rescheduled date works out if they end up doing that, but yeah, definitely one for next year.

    Victoria - we haven't been struck by flu season yet, but it's only a matter of time. And, yeah, I hope they reschedule it for a date that works, if they do. Be cool if we could get a good group from FCTR up there to show our support. Congrats again on your win at Blue Sky!

    Brandon - 100 miles of gas with little to show for it. Dublin will be the real $/mile killer.

  7. You are quite the frosty mullah! Great pics, and nice consolation effort.

  8. Hey hey you crazy runner!! Quality beardcicles there :) Are you on Facebook? I just got a scanner and posted a bunch of Paivika and other American photos there so check em out if you can. Does the name Ooga Booga remind you of anything??? Jims stag do in Krakow was fun. Looking forward to seeing you at the wedding. big love to the family

  9. Dom - Good to hear from you. Just spoke to my brother this morning, and he described some lady you were chasing on the stag night as a 'munter.' Will have to get the full details in a fortnight.

    Not on Facebook as I waste enough time on this and other blogs. Dana is, however, a Facebooker so I'll check out the photos via her account.

    Paivika - good times. See you in a couple of weeks.