Sunday, August 16, 2009

Week Ending August 16

Mon - Off. Sore from Longs.

Tues - 8 miles easy (1,650'). 1:15. Horsetooth/Audra. (CLs).

Weds - 8 miles steady with Ryan B (1,650'). Horsetooth/Audra. (CLs)

Thurs - 6 easy Pineridge, then paced Amy at Mtn Ave Mile (5:32). (Vas)

Fri - Off

Sat - 1 mile warm up, 13.3 miles (7,800') up Pikes. (CLs)

Sun - Off. Legs felt great, except for an overextended right knee. Decided to rest rather than join FCTR for a planned easy 20 miler.

Total: 36 miles (11,100 vertical feet)

Wildcats: 123 miles
Crosslites: 124 miles
Vasque: 77 miles

Not exactly a stellar week on the mileage front, although vertical still over 10k with the big effort on Pikes. Time now to start getting serious about jacking the miles back up for Dublin, in addition to hitting the road for faster marathon-paced runs. Ugh! All being well, September will be a big month.

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