Sunday, August 30, 2009

Week Ending August 30

Mon -- 11 miles (2,000'). 1:40. To Soderburg TH, up Towers, across Westridge, down Horsetooth, home. (Vas).

noon - 6.5 miles (1,700'). Horsetooth Rock FKT attempt. 26:17 up, 17:36 down, 43:54 round trip. (CLs)
pm - 5 miles track. One mile warm up, then 1,600 @ 5:34, 800 (2:36), 200 easy, 400 (75), 200 easy, 400 (74), 400 easy, 800 (2:42), 200 easy, 400 (73), 200 easy, 400 (72). One mile cool down.

Weds - 8 miles easy on treadmill. (Vas)

Thurs - 14 miles (1,100') to JJs and back. 1:40. Two miles easy, then 10 miles at LT pace (31:40 down to JJs, 34:35 back up). It took me forever to get myself out the door for this one. Not only was it 90 degrees out, but the wind was blowing hard and all 14 miles were on the roads. For me this is the perfect storm of nastiness. Thought I would be able to get by without water, but was feeling dehydrated by about three miles into the run. Got home and weighed in at a puny 134.7. Within 20 minutes of rehydrating and eating I was up to 139. Tough run.

Fri - 8 miles easy(1,650'). Horsetooth/Audra. (Vas)

Sat - 16 miles (6,500'). Mummy Mania with Chad. (WCs).

Sun - 0 miles. Had planned an easy 20 on Blue Sky, but just wasn't feeling it.

Total: 69 miles (13,000').

Sunday was a bit of a disappointment, but also a realization that I can't be hammering the miles week in week out this late in an already long season. Beginning to feel that time goals for Dublin need to go out the window, so I can relax and enjoy the remainder of the good running weather without stressing about hitting mileage goals. The plan from here through October is to get a couple of quality workouts in each week and then run by feel for the remainder.

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