Sunday, August 23, 2009

Week Ending Aug 23

Mon - 8 miles (1,650'). Audra/Horsetooth. No watch as I figured I'd take this one good and easy after the effort on Pikes two days prior. Legs, however, had other ideas, taking me on a zippy ride through my daily runner. Legs felt about as fresh and peppy as they have since Bighorn. Not quite sure what to make of it, but it sure felt good to be moving that easy after two months of laboring through my training runs. (Vas)

-am 8 miles steady with Ryan. Pineridge. (Vas)
-noon 8 miles steady (1,650'). 1:12. Audra/Horsetooth. Creaky start, but felt good once warmed up. (Vas)
-pm 5 miles track. Wasn't setting any speed records at the track tonight, but then again it was the third workout of the day. Two lap warm up, then 800 @ 2:40, followed by 4 x (800, 100 easy, 300, 400 easy) @ 2:42, 58; 2:44, 60; 2:45, 60; 2:43, 59. Two lap cool down. Had to work hard for these mediocre reps.

Ran three sessions today as a motivator to start getting serious about cranking the miles in preparation for Dublin. If it doesn't happen soon, it ain't gonna happen at all. Or something like that.

-noon 8 miles easy (1,650'). 1:15. Audra/Horsetooth. (Vas)
- pm 8 miles easy w/ Chad (1,300'). 1:18. Coyote Ridge to Indian Summer junction and back. Saw a big prairie rattler on the way back between Blue Sky Ridge and Coyote Ridge. Chad was running point and totally missed the snake, who was off to the side of the trail. I shouted and had Chad jumping out of his skin. Nice. Snake was totally disinterested in us as we gawped for a bit. Stay vigilant out there FoCo runners. (WCs)

Thurs - 8 miles easy (1,650'). Audra/Horsetooth. (Vas)

Friday - Off

am - 10 miles (3,800') Twin Lakes to Winfield. Leadville. (WCs)
pm - 25 miles (2,600') Fish Hatchery to Leadville pacing Harry. (WCs)

Sun - Off

Total: 88 miles (14,300')

Attempted to kick start training for Dublin with a 100-mile week. Ran out of juice and desire through the second half of the week. Running is starting to feel a little too much like hard work. Looking forward to November and some rest.

Wildcats: 166 miles
Crosslites: 124 miles
Vasque: 117 miles

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