Sunday, April 12, 2009

Week Ending April 12

Mon - 5 miles easy on sloppy Maxwell trails (400 feet).

Tues - 8 miles (1,600 feet). 1:15. Horsetooth/Audra route. Took this one pretty easy. Pushed the downs a bit.

Weds - 10.2 miles, roads (750 feet). 1:13 (middle six in 36:57). Out and back to south dam on 38e. Two mile warm up, then middle six at tempo, and two mile cool down. Felt like a fairly easy effort out (17:44), but somewhat strained on the way back (19:13), especially the grind uphill in last mile. Disappointed to run the second three miles so much slower, despite the hill. Wind much less of a factor this week.

Thurs - 9 miles recovery/easy (1,200 feet). 1:27. Horsetooth - Spring Creek - Stout - Sawmill - Loggers - Carey Springs - Towers - Herrington - Spring Creek - Soderburg - Horsetooth - home. Recovery pace with slight push on downs.

Fri - 6 miles easy. 0:48. Jogged a couple laps of Pineridge.

Sat - 14 miles (1,200 feet) easy. 1:53. Indian Summer out and back on Blue Sky trail. Legs felt a little heavier than I'd hoped after an easy week.

Sun - 7.5 miles (1,100 feet). 0:54:51. LT on Horsetooth trails. Falls - Spring Creek - Stout - Herrington - Spring Creek - Soderburg - Horsetooth. Felt like I had some pep in my stride. Good strong run.

Total: 60 miles (6,000 vertical feet).

Legs finally started to feel like they were rested towards the end of the week. An easy five days upcoming and hopefully they'll be ready to go for Saturday.

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