Sunday, April 5, 2009

Fruita Start List Posted

The mighty Colorado

With 7-8 inches of fresh powder on the ground it's hard to think about running in the desert, but with the entrant list for the Fruita Spring Desert Ultra recently posted, and the event just two weeks away, I thought I'd post a couple of thoughts about the competition and the race. And what a race. This is one of the more scenic 50 milers, and it marks the beginning of the Colorado ultra season. Best of all, the singletrack on the Kokopelli trail is about as sweet as it gets.

Went out for a run with Ryan B. yesterday up in Horsetooth. We were wading through some pretty deep stuff in places. The Mill Creek trail was calf to knee deep most of the way, with drifts up to waist deep. Most of the run was through the trees, so thankfully the wind wasn't too much of a factor. Although we only went 16 miles or so, it felt like a much harder workout.

Anyway, Ryan says he's shooting for a sub-eight-hour finish, which is pretty much in line with my goals. He's beaten me three out of the four times we've raced, so I'll be looking to redress the balance in Fruita, but don't fancy my chances. Last year's Leadville 100 winner, Duncan Callahan is also on the start list, fresh off his win at the Moab 100 last weekend. I believe he has the course record (7:41), so he's definitely the guy to beat. Keri Nelson is also on the start list, and will no doubt be in the running for a place.

Bryan Goding's name is not on the list, but I know he's registered. He's a strong and steady runner who'll eat up anyone dropping off the pace from the front. I think he was third last year and he has run some strong times in the past at Fruita. A couple of other names not on the list that might show up include last year's winner and permanent fixture, Allen Belshaw; guest speaker, fastpacker extraordinaire and second at Leadville in '08, Andrew Skurka; and I wouldn't be at all surprised if recent returnee to Colorado, Anton Krupicka, toes the line for an early season test of pace in preparation for the big showdown at Western States in June.

No matter who shows up, this race is a ton of fun and the views from the rim high above the Colorado are just breathtaking. Bring on the desert!


  1. Thanks for posting that. I'd been looking for a start list to see if my 25M course record will live another year.

  2. Justin - I don't recognize too many names on the 25-mile roster. I'd say your CR will make it into 2010.

  3. Well, I"m about to take off to start my bike tour en route to Fruita. That ain't important. I'm finally healthy, but not in shape to run. Doesn't matter, as I still plan to try to do the 50 miler. preposterous? surely!! Anyway...if you see a guy wearing orange Inov8s, a UD Wasp vest, and UD handheld that's probably me, and feel free to say "hi". No way I'll be around you during the race. I'm unsure if I'm going to attend the pasta dinner or not...but I will DEFINITELY be at the Skurka speech that night. Maybe i'll see ya there??

    Either way, have a good race. Sounds like you're ready. Me? I can't wait for some singletrack during a race as Salida didn't provide that, although it was still a good time.


  4. Airic - Enjoy the ride. Quite a trip en route to a 50 mile foot race! Glad you're finally healthy.

  5. I'll see you out there Nick, as Kathy and I are running the timing system for the race. We just got the latest start list. A few interesting changes have occurred... Let's just say that the 50 miler will be a bit less competitive than expected.

  6. Hey Alec.

    I saw on Duncan Callahan's blog that he's running the 25, not the 50, so in that respect definitely less competitive. I also saw that Tim Parr is running the 25. I'd say the CR for the 25 (3:05) will likely go down.

    Do you know if Andy Skurka is running?

    Looking forward to seeing you guys.


  7. Yes, Skurka is in the 50 mile.