Thursday, April 9, 2009

Cougar Bait

I saw a lot of big-cat prints and a few kills up in Horsetooth this winter, but never actually caught sight of the elusive mountain lion.

We got a call from our neighbor Kenny yesterday suggesting we might want to come check out what looked suspiciously like cougar kill at the end of his driveway. Somewhat chilling, but there are so many deer up here that I don't think the lions would ever reduce themselves to eating human meat ... or at least that's what I tell Dana. Alistair was somewhat freaked out by the whole macabre scene, and was running around last night shouting "naughty deer, naughty lion".

This poor bugger has been dead for four or five days already, and according to Kenny the lion has been coming back nightly to chip away at the carcass.


  1. Man, that is really picked clean! That must be a really starved lion.

  2. Cool photos, but I was hoping this was a post on the other type of "Cougars!"