Sunday, February 8, 2009

Week Ending Feb. 8

Mon - Off
Tues - 8 miles (1,550ft). 1:15. Audra/Falls/Horsetooth route. Took it very easy on the downhills, and things felt decent.
Weds - 8 miles (1,550ft). 1:14. As Tuesday.
Thurs - 8 miles (1,550ft). 1:12. As Wednesday. Felt good in the early going, so decided I would take a stab at my Horsetooth Trail record of 8:55. This stretch of trail is about 1.1 miles with approx 700 feet of vertical; so a good climb. Anyway, I rocketed out of the gun off Soderburg and got into oxygen debt early. Kept pushing in most places, and got up to the Southridge turn-off in 8:21, for a 34 second PR versus my time from December. Although I felt maxed out at the end, there were places where I eased on the climb due to a lack of mental toughness. I want to be able to do this in under eight minutes by April. Nonetheless, an encouraging PR.
Fri - 10.5 miles (2,000ft). 1:37
Sat - 16 miles (3,500ft). 2:35. Bobcat Ridge. Valley to Power Line up to D.R Trail and back down to Valley. Across to Ginny and up to Power Line. Back down to Valley and car.
Sun -- 6 miles (1,600ft). Hiked up to Horsetooth Rock with Dana and Brad, with Alistair on my back. Turned out to be quite a workout with the 30 pounds of extra weight, especially coming back down. A beautiful day, and fun to share the trails with my family. Alistair's new phrase for the day was "all the way to the top!" Easy for him to say.

Total: 50.5 running and 6 hiking (11,600 vertical).

A second relatively easy week. Will be looking to ramp up the mileage into the 70-80 mile zone over the next two weeks as I get ready for the Salida Marathon.


  1. solid week of training. It's fun to follow along since I'm training for the same races you are. Well, at least for the spring. I'll be in Salida, I'll be in Fruita. Training on the snowy trails of Crested Butte now in preperation. Hopefully I'll see you out there!

  2. Hey Airic. It's been spring-like here in Fort Collins most of the winter, so the running has been good. I don't envy you guys training up in the mountains through the winter, although you should be in good shape at Salida if the conditions are similar to last year. You should consider Collegiate Peaks, if you're around in May. Another one in your back yard.

    BTW - Enjoyed the pictures from your Alaska trip.