Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Week Ending Feb. 22

Mon - 8 miles (1,550 ft). 1:13. Horsetooth Falls, Spring Creek, Horsetooth Rock/Audra Culver route. Pushed the downhill for some reason.

Tues - 12 miles (2,500ft). 1:48. Mill Creek route. A fair bit of sloppy snow on the trail. Felt like I did something to my groin when slipping around in the slush.

Weds - 8.5 miles (600-700 ft). I was going to take today off to rest the groin, which I think I finally have diagnosed as adductor tendinopathy, but I got an email from Alene saying she was going to be up in the park at lunch, so I figured I would join her for an easy run. I didn't feel the groin but felt tightness in the hip. It felt good to get out and be disciplined about taking it easy. Groin tightened up later in the day and throbbed on the inner thigh.

Thurs - Off

Fri - 8.5 miles on the mill. 1:04. I wanted to test my groin on an easy run after a couple days of stretching and resting, so I figured the mill would be the best option. Felt much better than Tuesday and Wednesday.

Sat - 12.5 miles (1,000 ft). 1:41. Woke up too late to meet some of the Fort Collins Trail Runners who were doing an out and back on the Blue Sky trail, so took it easy in the morning and then ran down to the Devil's Backbone with Indian Summer add-on. Dana and Alistair picked me up in Loveland.

Sun - 22 miles. 3:00 (1,300 ft). Out and back on the Blue Sky. Pushed in places. Was told by a guy on his horse that I was an animal (!), and by a guy on his bike that he had been trying to catch me from the Backbone on my way back to FC. He finally got me about four miles from home, right at the bottom of the drop from Coyote Ridge. I tried to pace off him over the last couple of miles, but it was mainly flat to rolling, so I lost sight of him soon enough.

Total: 71.5 miles ( 7,000 feet of vertical).

Another week in the 70s. Time to start taking it a bit easier on the miles and hills so I can give my groin some time to heal before Salida and Fruita.


  1. Salida-Run through Time and Fruita-Spring Desert 25? I thought about Salida, but didn't realize that the road I'd signed up for was the next day. Did Fruita the last 2 years and love it disappointed that I won't be there this year.

  2. Salida marathon and Fruita SDU 50. I saw your Fruita win from last year - you edged out Dan Goding, a buddy of mine and a strong shorter distance trail runner. Its a beautiful course.

    I originally put Salida on the schedule as a training race, but am thinking I may just taper for it to rest up a couple of injuries I am dealing with. If all feels good, I'll run to be as competitive as I can. Fruita was going to be the early season goal race, but that'll depend on how things feel come April.

    I've been following your Foco training. You should be in the running for the win.

  3. Yep, I remember Dan. He moved up well throughout the race and didn't move into 2nd until the last big hill I recall. That 50 can be brutal with the weather - there is just no shade out there. I recall it was about 70 when I finished the 25 last year, so to be out for another few hours could really be tough. Good luck though, beautiful overlooks above the river.

    I just checked out the FoCo start list as of 2/15. The guy that won the last two years will be back. 2:34 two years ago and 2:31 last year I believe. If he is in about the same shape and goes through half in 1:16ish, I would like to be with him. If he's looking to go sub 2:30 though, we each likely will be on our own.