Sunday, February 1, 2009

Week Ending Feb.1

Mon - Off

Tues - Off

Weds - 6.2 on the mill. 45 mins. A test run to feel out my various ailments. Some pain in the groin for the first half mile, and numb thereafter. Felt worse the slower I moved, but overall felt good enough to continue with plans for a light week. I also used this workout as a test run of the treadmill we bought last weekend. Although it is primarily for Dana, who despises running outside, I have a feeling I may be putting significant miles on it this winter. No matter how tedious the mill is, it beats running into freezing gusts of wind. It's also a useful tool for tempo/interval workouts. The other thing with the mill is that after the first mile or two, which always take forever, time moves exponentially quicker the further you go. Just got to get a TV downstairs to help alleviate the boredom.

Thurs -- 8 miles. 1:18 (1,550ft). Audra Culver/Horsetooth route. Felt decent, although knee was inexplicably sore, and felt massively bruised through the evening.

Fri -- 10.5 miles (2,000ft). 1:35. Up Horsetooth, down Wathan, up Herrington/Towers, down Spring Creek and home. Knee was not an issue on this run, groin was hardly noticeable. Felt strong on all hills. More of the same please.

Sat -- 9 miles (2,600ft). Signal Mountain. More of a trudge than a run, but an enjoyable morning.

Sun -- 16 miles (3,500ft). Met Wyoming WART runners and some from the Fort Collins Trail Running group at Soderburg. Up Towers all the way, back to Spring Creek and down to Stout. After a quick gander at Horestooth's disappointing waterfall, which was as disappointing as ever - maybe even more so - we took Stout over Towers to Sawmill. I took a left back up the mountain from here after saying bye to Alec, RD of the Twin Mountain Trudge and Katy C, who I crewed with at Badwater for Alene's belt-buckle finish. Took Sawmill to Carey Springs, to Towers and traversed on Westridge, then back down Horsetooth and home.

Total: 50 (9,650ft vertical).
Jan Total: 265 miles (33,000ft vertical).

Felt strong the whole week after taking three days off Sun, Mon, Tues to rest various ailments. For the most part, everything felt decent although groin still continues to be a worry. Will likely take next week easy too and ramp back up slowly from there. Still 13 weeks to spring goal race (Fruita 50), and four and a half months to Big Horn. No need to get too aggressive yet.

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