Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bits and Bobs

Although I'm not running the Red Hot 50k this weekend, I did do a little prediction write-up for RunColo based on the current entrant list. You can view it here. I've also done a couple of local trail reviews over there, which are available here, if you feel like checking those out.

I've been back and forth on whether or not to run Red Hot the last couple of weeks, even thinking about dropping down to the 33k event. As it turned out, the decision was an easy one after two failed attempts to run last week.

Got out for a mile to the mailbox and back yesterday. Felt some residual soreness, and am hoping it was just that rather than continued nastiness. I'm planning a 2.5-mile run with a bit of climb for today, which is a distance that should offer some good feedback. If all goes well with that, then hopefully I can slowly build back up to some kind of training volume.

My good friend Ryan Burch, who recently abandoned Fort Collins to relocate to Gunnison and the big mountains has joined the ultra-blogosphere. You can check out his site out at http://www.ryanwburch.blogspot.com.

Me and Ryan on Crossier Mtn last summer

I took another look at the Wasatch start list this morning and noticed that Karl Meltzer had snuck onto the roster. Karl schooled me pretty good at my first 100-mile adventure in the Bighorns last year, so I'm hoping I can keep him a little closer come Wasatch. It's a tough ask considering he could probably run the race blindfolded - he's won it numerous times and it's essentially in his backyard - but it offers up a good challenge. Other guys that look like they'll be in the running include 23-year-old geophysics-doctoral candidate, come endurance-stud Nick Pedatella (not an overachiever at all ;-)), Matt Hart, Kevin Shilling, Jared Campbell, Luke Nelson, Erik Storheim, Brian Becksted, and others I'm sure, so it actually looks like it could be a pretty good race if a majority get to the start line. But that's a long way off.

Um, the Weather Gods appear determined to keep the trails iced and snowy for the duration this winter. While the inch count wasn't that high, it did snow for close to two days Sunday through late Monday afternoon. Some people dig snow-packed, icy trails - not me. Maybe it'll all have melted off by the time I'm ready to post some trail mileage. Weather forecast says sun and 40s for the next 10 days, so good chance we'll be back to 80% dirt by the weekend. Just in time for a solid dirt outing, I hope.


  1. Cool read. Yea TimW's first ultra was a 50 miler which he did in CR fashion with a 6:38. So I would agree with your contention that he'll be up there. Although nearly every race report I read talks about getting lost, so being new hopefully he'll not struggle with that part of it.

  2. Dude - it is a mile RT to your mailbox? That begs some repeat halves!

  3. GZ - yeah, and not just approximately, but pretty much to the meter. There's a 250' climb in there too. If I take a detour route, then it's two miles RT (exactly), with 400' climbing on the way back.

  4. Wow. No need to ever leave home. ;)

  5. hey man, i still got love for the front range. that's where the roots are laid. i will miss the outings with the crew at lory and htmp. get well, i know your pain! i'm looking at giving salida a go, i need a benchmark right now! been awhile since we raced:)

  6. I think Karl is doing UTMB so he may be a little tired if he does Wasatch. I would still favor him for the win but I think the next few spots should be a good race.

    With you and Ryan gimpy maybe I will have a shot at Salida :)

    Hopefully the sun keeps shining and we can get out on some trail this weekend.

  7. Enjoyed the Red Hot handicap. Sorry you and I are both on injured reserve. Doubly sorry it means we won't be able to finally meet this weekend. Good luck with your rehab. Maybe we'll cross paths around Wasatch. (I won't be at Wasatch, as such, but the Mid Mountain Marathon in PC usually happens the same weekend, and that one's a strong possibility.)

  8. Ryan - have fun in Moab, and yeah hope we both make it to Salida. Figure I owe you one for kicking my ass so solidly there last year.

    Nick - Seems like two weeks is about all Karl needs between 100s. Guy's a machine. Salida should be fun (and close) if we can all get to the start in one piece.

    Stacy - man, sorry to hear you're down too. If you do end up doing the PC marathon, and it is same weekend, then we should definitely plan on meeting up. Get healthy!

  9. Yeah, Salida is always a good one...hopefully you and Ryan get better quickly and can make it

  10. Hey, Nick. Sorry about Red Hot. I'd hoped to be there as well, but injuries can chart other courses. Rest up. Heal quickly. Cheers.

  11. Wow, I thought winter was a time for rest and recuperation. Hank, sorry to hear the injury curse has hit you too, and hoping things heal quickly. Still many, many weeks until Squaw V, so take it slow!

  12. Cool RunColo writeups!
    Good luck on the recuperation, and you're not missing much on the trails anyway. Just when it's almost melted off, we get another dusting!

  13. Nick,

    Nice running so far this year--hopefully we can meet up at a race again this year. Any thoughts of going back to CP50? No Moab for me this weekend as I was running down Bear Mtn a few days ago and felt like I was on Karl's luge track. My screw shoes didn't hold, and I pulled some aerials that would have made Shaun White proud. Anyway, my hip took the worst of the beating and now I walk around like Betty White. Have fun at WS and Wasatch. I got shut out of those two, but I can't complain 'cause I'll be toeing the line in Silverton. Wasatch is a sweet course, but they told us last year that the course might be changing this year (not a good change in my opinion).
    Come down to Boulder when you get healed up for a run or for some bingo before you get healed up.

  14. John - yeah Bingo sounds about my level right now. Too bad on Moab, especially as I picked you as the favorite to win. Congrats on the HR spot though - that's the one I really wanted. If I can get healthy though, the WS/Wasatch double should be fun. CP50 is unlikely maybe the 25.

    Been meaning to get down to Boulder for quite some time now to see what all the fuss is about. Email me when you get a chance (details on my profile page) and we'll figure something out.