Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Week Ending May 12

Mon - 10 miles (2,700') easy. Horsetooth north summit with Stefanovic, then a loop back down on Spring Creek. The falls continue to roar.

Tues - AM: 8 miles (2,100') hill tempo. Decided that I need to start getting after a few more uphill efforts as I get ready for Western States (after an instructive comment from last week's recap), so turned the screw a bit on this morning's Horsetooth summit. Ran a few seconds over 26 minutes on a fairly controlled effort straight up the Rock trail, climbing up the north gap route. It was good to feel the burn of a harder hill effort, but I was careful to not go to that place just yet. More than two minutes off my PR; I'll give Towers a proper effort next week to really get a read on where the fitness is at.
PM: 4 miles (700') easy. Abbreviated Falls loop.

Weds - AM: 7.5 miles (1,900') easy. Horsetooth north summit.

Thurs - PM: 10 miles (1,800') easy. Marked up the Lory loop with Stefanovic.

Fri - AM: 7.5 miles (1,900') easy. Horsetooth north summit. Bumped into Jenny Pierce and Mike Aish on the way up/down. Both were in town for Quad Rock and among the favorites for Saturday. Bit of rain/hail on the way up.
PM: 10 miles (2,700') easy. Finished marking up the Horsetooth section of the Quad Rock course with Stefano and Pedatella. Rock (65) - Westridge - Spring Creek - Falls.

Sat - Off. On my feet all day directing Quad Rock, but no running mileage. Shoulda jumped in on the kids' race.

The Liddles getting dirty at the Quad Rock kids' race. Photo: Shannon Price
Sun - 6 miles (1,800') run/hike. Hiked the Falls loop with Dana and the kids for mothers day, with a quick de-flagging detour up and down Spring Creek. 

Total: 63 miles (15,600')

Decided to take the weekend off, given the demands of putting on an ultra event, and was happy doing so. I know I've needed a couple of days off for a while, but have been too stubborn to do so. The rest has been most welcome and I've been feeling great so far this week as I begin the final push for Grand Slam fitness.

Pete and I were really happy with the way things unfolded on Saturday for the second running of the Quad Rock Trail Races and we're already looking forward to next year, taking the lessons learned from this year to make it even better. We had some great racing action up front, and lots of great stories from the field throughout the day For those interested, we posted a recap of the event with some fun pics over on the race website.

Head down from here until Squaw. Time To Get After It.


  1. It may not be running, but I am pretty sure spending a 20+ hour day race directing has to count for something!

  2. 2013...the year of discipline. Towers PR will be toast! What happens when a rested and stronger than ever Clark toes the line?

    Wait...maybe I don't want to know about that.