Sunday, May 5, 2013

Lake Sonoma 50 2013

I need  to get some thoughts down about this race before those thoughts turn into distant memories.

1. The race went out way harder this year than the year before and there were a lot of very fast young men in the field (and a couple of fast seniors, too).

2. Although we went through the 12.5 mile aid station 6 minutes quicker than last year, the effort didn't seem that much harder, but then it's kinda hard to compare one's current effort to something you were outputting precisely a year ago.

3. By mile 18, I knew I was in trouble, but was stuck in a train of guys I couldn't bring myself to let go of, so continued to descend into a hole it would take 15 miles to claw my way out of. Not particularly smart; lesson (re) learned.

4. At mile 20, I felt like I was running slower downhill than I had been running uphill at mile five. I'm not sure I have ever felt that terrible going downhill.

5. My split at the halfway point was five minutes quicker than the year before. Leaving the aid station, I was thinking it would be a miracle if I finished within 10 minutes of my time from 2012.

6. Joe Uhan passed me early on the way back running the kind of race I wished I'd been sensible enough to run. Aside from Joe I wasn't passed by any other runners in the last 25 miles, and somehow managed to pass four guys. Lesson: no matter how crap you feel in these races, you always need to remind yourself that there's a good chance others are feeling/performing even worse (he who slows the least...). Keep doing what you can with what you've got.

7. After taking my foot off the gas for 10 miles or so, I finally felt a second wind and was able to finish the race feeling reasonably good.

8. Rolling hills are a bugger for cramping legs.

9. John Medinger puts on a stellar event and always manages to come through with killer weather.

10. The course seems like it should run faster than it does. Rolling hills are harder than sustained ups and downs.

11. Two minutes slower on what felt like an off day seems like a decent result.

12. Pure speed matters over 50 miles; the jury is still out for 100 miles. Western States this year should provide some good data points on that.

Another two miles and this guy would have pushed me out of the top 10. We'll both be top 10 at the end of June.
14. I need a pacer/crew for Western States. Anybody interested?

15. Splits:


And that's all I've got to say about that.


  1. Man, I really would like to be your pace.
    REally, really.
    But, I can´t.
    My family, my little daughter, my little boy ..., but one day I´ll be there.
    Take care. Bye.

  2. I would love to pace you. However|

    1) I am to slow
    2) I am to slow
    3) I am to slow.

    Etc etc

    P.S. I am to slow

  3. Not everyone can be as smart as me, Clarkie! ;-)

    Great seeing you; I'm bummed I'll miss the family in June, tell 'em I said hello!

  4. I would agree with #13 :)

    After looking at the splits shortly after the race, I didn't realize that you still had an 8min lead at Island View Aid (mi45.5). Apparently, I made up those 4min in the last 4.5mi's. With that said, I think you, Joe, and I should have a side-bet tagged along to our main bet: He who has the slowest '49 to the finish split buys the appetizer (pickled chips or sweet potato fries) at the Alehouse on Sunday. Yeah?

  5. I'll pace you..... I know the last half of trail, from foresthill to finish. I am kinda quick. Live and train in southern Marin. I'm on the north face 50, miwok 100 k course trails daily if you know em. Looking at your splits, your river to finish time, I did that in three hours just cruising on 22 mile day and you did it in 3:48 on 80+ mile legs. This only means that I will be able to keep up with you which I'm sure is a concern. I was planning on pacing someone and I prefer to pace someone who was hoping to have top 50 finish. Let me know if you want to know more..... Let me know if you want me to contact you

  6. Not sure why it says unknown, my name is rob.

  7. Good work and nice to meet you there. Your wisdom in #6 in particular is a good reminder. Good luck at States!

  8. Jake - yeah, you were running me down quickly over those last four miles for sure. I'm all in on that side-bet. I'm going sub-60 from the highway this year, so you'll have to be on your game.

    Rob - figuring out pacing / crewing plans over the next week. Can you email me at the address on the 'about me' section of the website. Cheers!

    Sarah - a true pleasure to meet you too. Good luck with your goals this year~!