Monday, October 17, 2011

Week Ending Oct 16

Mon - Noon: 6.5 miles (1,400') easy. Soderberg - Spring Creek - Herrington - Stout - Spring Creek - Falls.
PM: 4.5 miles (900') easy. Falls loop.

Tues - Noon: 7.5 miles (1,600') easy. Falls - Spring Creek - Stout - Towers - Herrington - Spring Creek - Soderberg. Failed to get out of bed for a planned early longer run, so had to settle for a shorter lunch run. Lazy.
PM - 5.5 miles track. End of season relays. 800 open, then 800, 400, 200, 100. 2:38, 2:31, 64, no split for 200, 100.

Weds - AM: 8.5 miles (1,800') easy. Falls - Spring Creek - Stout - Loggers - Carey Springs - Towers - Herrington - Spring Creek - Soderberg.
PM - 4.5 miles (900') easy. Falls loop.

Thurs AM- 8.5 miles (2,900') hill repeats. Horsetooth Hill Intervals with Eric, Pete and Sarah. Workout went: 3 x 1/4 (+185' each), 2 x 1/2 (+380'), 1 x 3/4 (+550'). Supposed to finish with a mile and summit of Horsetooth, but short on time, so we had to settle for a steady 1/2 mile climb by going the long way back to my house. First three intervals with headlamp. Splits were: 2:44, 2:44, 2:39, 5:40, 5:43, 8:50. This workout always kills me, but I hope to hit it on a fairly regular basis for the next six or seven weeks to gauge fitness and also as a great strength builder.
PM - 6 miles social run with FCTR group. Downhill trail mile at the end: 5:00.

Fri - Off. Dana in Michigan, so no chance to run.

Sat - Off. See above.

Sun 11 miles (2,600') steady. 1:39. Falls - Spring Creek - Mill Creek - Logger - Sawmill - Stout - Spring Creek - Falls. My neighbor, Brad, kindly offered to watch the kids for an hour and a half so I could get a run in. Given the lack of running the previous two days and my short window, I decided to push a bit on the middle miles up Spring Creek and on the Mill Creek descent. Felt particularly coordinated on the descent which is always a good feeling.

Total: 62.5 miles (12,100')

Two days off this week with Dana in Michigan early Friday to late Sunday. Tried to make up for it by front-loading the week with a bunch of double days, but it was still a pretty light week. Starting to feel some fitness come back, and I always enjoy being able to get out twice a day when the weather is as beautiful as it has been recently. Motivated for a solid four- to five-week training block packed full of quality work and lengthy runs.

Some images from Silent Trails last weekend and a nice piece in the local rag:

It started out innocently enough. Delaney, Mock, Clark, Driver (UoW singlet), Bergman (shades).
Then it just got silly.
Perry Wechsler. A devoted race director. All pics Wendy Perkins.


  1. Hmm...4-5 weeks of solid training - guess you are trying to achieve peak form for chubby cheeks??? Or, perhaps some race on the west coast...

  2. Nick - first of all, congrats on yet another win at the 100-mile distance - you are model of consistency.

    And, yes, that five week time frame would indeed have me primed at the pump for a run at the Chubby Cheeks course record. A race of such prestige deserves thorough preparation.

  3. Very nice Thursday Hill Reps. My "Driveway Reps" are almost exactly what you're 3 x 1/4's were and I know those times you hit are not very comfortable! That's near a 15% grade on all your reps that day - well done.

  4. Thanks, Nick - though I think you know a thing or two about racing consistently!

    Sounds like I will have to start training for CC50k...hope you can make it down for a training jog in a few weeks.

  5. First time I missed Silent Trails in several years. Great photos and great job.

  6. Is that a Pearl Izumi puffy you're sporting?

  7. Speedgoat Schwag - Pata-something-or-other, I think.