Monday, October 4, 2010

Week Ending October 3

Mon - 6 miles (1,500') easy. Horsetooth/Audra short.

Tues - 6 miles (1,000') easy. Reservoir Ridge with FCTR.

Weds - 6 miles (1,500'). Horsetooth/Audra short.

Thurs - Off.

Jan: 252 (33,700')
Feb: 189 (33,500')
March: 488 (70,000')
April: 482.5 miles (72,700')
May: 439 miles (79,500')
June: 334 miles (49,000')
July: 279.5 miles (64,400')
August: 302.5 (50,100')
September: 237.5 (53,200')

2010: 3,003.5 (506,100')
Avg: 334 (56,233')

Fri - Off.

Sat - 10 miles. 61:10. Bacon Strip.

Sun - Off. Volunteering at Bluesky Marathon.

Total - 28 miles (4,000').

Not a great deal to talk about here with regards to my training this week. Didn't run much and ran a fun but lackluster race on Saturday, then had a blast at the Towers aid station with Alistair, Greg, Steve and Rob on Sunday morning at the Bluesky Marathon.

A little ink time in this Sunday's Xplore section of the Coloradoan.

Toying with the idea of running a road marathon in February, but the prospect of training for it (i.e., lots of focused road running) is less than appealing. However, I have a feeling that getting into legitimate marathon shape would be a great (and different) way to build a base for the 2011 racing season. I dunno.

This Thursday, the Fort Collins Trail Running group is meeting at the upper (main) Horsetooth parking lot for the 'Assault on the Rock,' which will be an open (but handicapped) time trial to the top of Horsetooth Rock. By 'open,' I mean that runners will be free to choose their route as long as they stay on trail. There are numerous route combinations to choose from, with arguments to be made for most in terms of expediency, so it should be fun.

The Tortoise & Hare Fall/Winter/Spring handicapped running series of seven races begins this coming Sunday with a loop of Maxwell (Pineridge) Reservoir. The loop is just under 4 miles with a mix of crushed gravel and moderately technical trail. If you plan on running, please help the RD (me) by showing up early. The series is free to members of the Fort Collins Running Club or $10 to non members. A free bagel breakfast at the Rocky Mountain Bagel Works is included after each race (what a deal). Individual membership is $20 and family membership is $30. More info on the club's website.


  1. Hah! I didn't know you worked for Kwame. That dude's quote the story. Where did you live in Michigan? I spent most of my life in SE Michigan, moving to Boulder 2.5 years ago.

    Take care!
    -That guy that said "Are you Nick Clark?" on the Colorado Marathon course

  2. Lived in Mount Clemons when I was working on the Kilpatrick campaign. Used to work in the Book Tower downtown on Washington Blvd. I've also called Lapeer and Ann Arbor home. Been a while since we've been back - tough times out there.

  3. Nice. I lived in South Lyon for a few years, then spent a long time in Highland (Milford, if that sounds more familiar) before going to college in, and then moving to, Ann Arbor.

    Did you run out there to the same degree that you do now here?

  4. Not even close. I was still a rugby player back then. I played for the UofM club team and also for the Flint Rogues, but I doubt I've run more than 100 miles in the state of Michigan all told (and that includes the Detroit Marathon way back when).

    I'd love to go out and run the Dances with Dirt race in Hell, MI one of these days. Looks like a fun time.

  5. Yeah I've looked into that one and it looks pretty cool. Not until recently could I even complete a course that long, but I'm definitely considering going back home for that one next year.

  6. I dunno Nick on the "early road marathon to build base". I tried that strategy this year and you can see how my year ended up. Started great but in all honesty I think I got tired and complacent. I look back to my prep and mindset leading into HR and it wasn't what it should have been to knock out a good time and thus started the downward spiral. Road training is tough, in my opinion, a lot tougher than trail training. My training for a January road marathon essentially started in ernest in November. So here is my advice, if you go for a road marathon early then end your trail season early. Think about your little melt down 8 or so weeks out from WS - that could happen a lot earlier with road training through the winter.

  7. Scott - like you last year, I want to post a marathon time indicative of my current potential. In my opinion, the marathon is the truest read on endurance fitness. Obviously when you throw in hills, roots, rocks and silly distances, marathon times don't mean a great deal, but I'm still curious.

    I read somewhere that Kilian trains performance through winter and then piles the miles from there, which is pretty much the opposite of conventional base-building wisdom. I suppose I'm just trying to think of ways to change things up a bit to see how my body would respond. But I definitely get you on the burnout bit, which is part of the reason why I am taking it super easy right now.

    Also, I plan to focus on the workouts for the marathon and not get too caught up with mileage. I think I have a good endurance base to take into the training cycle, so won't need the mileage so much. From there I take a couple of weeks, and then start launching into the hills and miles in preparation for whatever I decide to do ultrawise in the summer.

    And yes, you've had a crazy long season, which is why I think you're better off taking a breath and then looking at Bandera in Jan than you are Masochist so soon after Bear. But that's your call.

  8. I hear ya on the marathon PR. Maybe the way to approach it with your base is like you said; you've got endurance, now fine tune it with about 7 weeks of specific high intensity leg turnover. I never hit massive mileage during my road marathon training, probably peaking at 70 for a week. Maybe the better way to see your year out properly is to take a two week down time directly after the marathon - I never did, 3 weeks later I was racing Caumsett 50K