Sunday, October 10, 2010

Week Ending October 10

Mon - 6.5 miles (1,600') easy. To south summit of Horsetooth. Back on Audra/Southridge.

Tues - 3.5 miles track. 1 mile w-u, 800 @ 2:40, then 2(4x300 on, 100 off) @ 54, 56, 56, 57; 53, 53, 53, 55. Haven't seen the oval in about a year, so this session was a major shock to the system. Anyway, this was just a dip of the toe to see if I've got any kind of appetite for the work I'd need to be doing to get into marathon shape. Obviously, 300 meter repeats are not something I would be focusing on, but that was the scheduled session at the Tuesday Night Track workout, so that's what I did. Got the juices flowing a bit, but the real test will be out on Redstone Canyon, a dirt road not far from my house that is the flattest consistent running surface I can get to from my house without having to drive. It's a 13 mile out and back with a gradual 700-800' climb going out, which makes it a challenge, but easily the best option I have for road training.

Weds - 6 miles super easy (500') on Valley trails. Very tight in the glutes from the track workout on Tuesday. The Valley trails are my other flat option close in. The trails are rolling, but gentle and non-technical enough to allow for a fairly consistent tempo effort in the low 6:00s. As on Redstone, I can forge a 13 mile out and back on these trails.

Thurs - 6 miles (1,800'). One mile w-u, then Horsetooth TT. 25:26. Really didn't feel like I was going that hard on this one, especially through the early sections, as I was trying not to aggravate my glutes and hamstring. The PR, therefore, was surprising. I suspect that my previous PR was soft rather than this being any indication (whatsoever) of fitness. All other recent indicators suggest a general lack of shorter-distance speed and power.

Fri - 6 miles (500') easy on Valley trails. These came today:

Ready for winter with my Atlas Race Snowshoes.

This at 10k' today (Sunday) Rob is reporting.

Sat - AM: 12 miles (1,300'). Silent Trails (10.5 mile, 71:25) with 1.5 mile warm up.
PM: 4 miles easy setting up T&H course with Alex.

Sun - PM: 6 miles easy (1,500'). Up to the Rock and back.

The southeast side of the reservoir was on fire as I was heading into town early this morning.

Total: 50 miles (6,200')

Mainly another maintenance week, but starting to add some quality in there. Thinking road marathon in February, so the build is on. I doubt I'll run much over 70-80 miles a week for this one, but I do hope to get serious about doing the requisite workouts so I can get an honest read on my marathon form. The track workout on Tuesday was a disaster, but necessary in terms of flicking my training switch from a jogging- and endurance-based mentality to a performance-based mentality.

Stacie Karle, art director at PI, took some video footage at a fall 2011 photo shoot I did with her husband Don on location halfway up Lookout Mountain. The trails featured in the clip would form part of the proposed Comanche 50mile/100k route. This area around Buckhorn Canyon is unbelievably beautiful in the fall, which makes me think a race right around this time would be awesome. Only problem with the 50 mile/100k option is that the FS has put the kaibosh on us using any wilderness area, which significantly reduces our available acreage. A 50k loop, with maybe a two-loop 100k option is now looking like the only realistic way we would be able to use the Buckhorn Canyon area. Fortunately, the 50k loop would still be awesomely scenic. Some scouting still to be done on that though.


  1. Your new Atlas racers look lighter than my old ones. I removed the bindings and attached an old pair of shoes. That keeps mine just under 4 lbs. The shoes are now trashed and need to be replaced. I'll go with some lighter shoes, this next time. I wear Gore-Tex socks, so shoe warmth isn't important.

  2. Huh, I didn't even know there was such a thing as Gore-Tex socks. Thanks for the tip!