Sunday, May 30, 2010

Week Ending May 30 (WS - 4 Weeks)

Mon - Noon: 6 miles easy on valley trails (500'). Legs felt okay after Jemez, but definitely sore and tired.

Tues - Noon: 8.5 miles easy (1,800'). Still some soreness in the quads, but legs felt strong other than that. Falls - Spring Creek - Stout - Sawmill - Loggers - Herrington - Spring Creek - Soderburg - home long way
PM - 5 miles steady at Pineridge. Ran 7 min pace here just to stretch the legs out a bit. Despite the lingering aches in the quads, this was a nice cruise.

Weds - Noon: 11 miles easy (2,400'). Falls - SC - Stout - Sawmill - Loggers - Carey - Towers (to top) - Secret Trail - Westridge - Rock - home long way. Hamstring tight again, probably from the Pineridge cruise on Tuesday.
PM: 6 miles easy (500') on valley trails.

Thurs - Noon: 9 easy super easy (2,300'). Audra/Horsetooth long. Thutt (thigh/butt) area giving me some gyp, so went below even my usual easy effort. Seem to have shaken most of everything else from Jemez.
PM: 6.5 miles easy with Alex's FCTR social group at Pineridge. Good burgers, beer and conversation afterward.

Fri - Noon: 10 miles easy (1,200'). Soderberg to Well Gulch and back via Overlook/valley. Super easy again due to lingering thutt pain. Scoped out a rare .8 mile stretch of trail I had yet to see in Lory (Well Gulch).
PM: 2 miles easy. Jogged around the park to feel out my hamstring before picking up Alistair.

Sat - AM: 31 miles (7,100'). Met top American (Justin) and Nick P early in Boulder (out of bed at 4:45) for a run with my all-star crew for Western States. Justin, fresh off his 2:29 marathon in London, will be pacing me, while Nick will be whipping me through the aid stations at record pace. I don't know the trails particularly well down in Boulder, but I do know that we started on South Mesa and made our way through scenic Eldorado Canyon, with a spur climb/descent thrown in for good measure, over to Walker Ranch for about 3/4 of a lap before tying in to Flagstaff, which took us to the back side of Green/Bear from where we cruised downhill all the way back to Nick's gaff in south Boulder. After today's run, I have a new appreciation for the Boulder Mountain trails. It turns out that you can in fact piece together a decent run on singletrack that is actually worthy of the name, although the vert still racked up to make for a big climb day, despite no single ascent of much more than 1,000'. A solid outing, although my boys need to work on their climb a bit - Justin especially if he thinks he has any chance of beating me at Pikes this year ;) Bumped into a few Boulder Mountain Park regulars, with a double passing of the D-Rock and a single encounter with Team Shart and Jim P.

Courtesy Nick P and his Garmin.

Sunday - AM: 21 miles (5,200'). Another 4:45 wake. Ouch. Double loop of Lumpy Ridge with Pete and Alex. This one begins and starts just outside of Estes Park. The 1-2 mile trail up to Gem Lake is obscenely popular with day-hikers (mostly Texans), but the rest of the loop is typically clear of traffic for the most part. Couple of good 1,000'+ climbs delivered on each loop with an altitude range of between 7,800' and 9,100', which has to make this one of the best training routes around. Not a drop of snow to be seen and even Longs was looking like it will be ready in a month or so. Twin Sisters (11,000'+) also looked to be clear, so a trip up there next weekend could well be in the cards.

Got bored trying to figure out how to edit the video footage from Lumpy below, so either don't watch or accept as is.

Total: 116 miles (21,000')

Felt like the recovery from Jemez went well, and I was able to keep things in gear for most of the week. Strong weekend with some good longer runs. These were more about time on feet than mileage or speed, and the run Sunday felt good - a little creaky to get going but for the most part my body responded when asked. Some more climb and mileage planned for tomorrow morning to cap out a heavy three-day stretch, then easy for a couple of days before reloading for next weekend.

Round Mountain, west of Loveland of Hwy 34 at 7:00 am for anyone interested. Slated as a time trial, but not personally expecting anything too miraculous.


  1. Secret Trail? Has it come to have to disguise where you are training! :)

    Good to see you out in the People's Republic. Knew you where in the area so I was on the lookout.

  2. Great to run into you on Mesa. Hell of a weekend of running. Well done.

  3. Nick,
    I was out on Lumpy Sunday morning too but didn't see you guys. I came down from North Fork Big Thompson via North Boundary trail where there was a lot of snow starting about 9500ft. The two mile trudge (each way) was worth it though as Lumpy was beautiful (first time). Big miles on a beautiful Colorado morning. You may still have some trudging on Twin Sisters next week, but good prep if there is snow at WS.

    Brother Pine
    BH100 minus 3 weeks

  4. Yeah, I've run the North Fork trail from Dunraven up to Lost Lake - nice run - but never taken the North Boundary trail down to Cow Creek (at least I don't think so). Did you do a full loop of Lumpy and back out to Dunraven? If so, that's a big day. Probably 45 miles? Hmmm.

  5. 51 miles on the weekend and a damn strong effort today. Well done. I am looking to hearing about the scalps you get late going to Auburn.

  6. North Fork/North Boundary/Lumpy Loop is only 35 miles with about 8500ft climbing (start/finish at Dunraven TH). North Boundary is a nice trail. Six miles long and nothing flat about it. The climb back up North Boundary from Cow Creek will put hair on your chest. The upper 2 miles (North end) still snowy but "trudgable".

    Brother Pine (aka Rob Erskine)