Sunday, May 16, 2010

Week Ending May 16 (WS -6 Weeks)

Mon - 6 miles easy (500'). Soderburg to Arthurs and back. Felt something in the right achilles area. Pretty sure it's the same tendon issue I was dealing with a few months back. Red flag.

Tues - 5 miles Falls loop (900'). This was planned as a longer run, but two miles in I felt a sharp pain in the right achilles, recognized it immediately as the same pain I was suffering from in February, so stopped, walked the rest of the hill and jogged super easy back home.

Weds - 2 miles uber easy in town on bike paths. I'd like to say that there was some logic behind this run, but in all honesty it was nothing more than an exercise in keeping my running streak alive. I convinced myself however that I was out there on a 'tester run.' Pain manageable and feeling better but definitely still there.

Thurs - noon: 5 miles easy (900'). Falls loop . Thought about heading up Horsetooth, but kept it safe by going easy and short. Pain still there, but feeling like it is heading in the right direction.
PM: 6.5 miles super easy on the bike paths with FCTR. Pizza and beer post-run. Love it.

Fri - noon: 5 miles easy (900'). Falls loop.
PM: 6 miles (2,400'). Green Mountain (Boulder).

Sat - AM: 19.5 miles (4,700'). Horsetooth summit - Westridge - Mill Creek - Howard - Arthurs summit - Arthurs down - Mill Creek connector - Valley/Nomad - Sawmill - Herrington - Spring Creek - Soderburg - Home. Just about the worst run I've had this year. I was way overdressed for the muggy early morning conditions, and couldn't be bothered to strip down, so ended up suffering through a sweat fest. Told myself it was good heat training for WS - whatever. Original plan was 30+ miles around the reservoir via Horsetooth, Arthurs, Lory Visitors Center, then roads to Laporte and back around on the dam roads/38e. By the top of Horsetooth, I had chopped that idea down to Horsetooth/Arthurs/Towers summit and back, and then by Sawmill I decided to cut the last climb at Herrington and head home with a tired tail between my legs. I ate very little for dinner after getting back late from Boulder the night before, then had a small bowl of cereal before heading out. I was out of juice, bonking by Arthurs, and had somehow failed to bring any fuel with me - doh. It was a long, wet, sloppy trudge home.

Sun - AM: 20 easy (4,600') with 10 x Pikes veteran Dan Turk around Horsetooth/Lory. Falls - Spring Creek - Mill Creek - Howard - Westridge - Howard - Mill Creek - Loggers - Carey Springs - Herrington - Spring Creek - Home the long way. In total control of this run after Saturday's disaster. Went essentially the same route and felt great. And so it goes. Super mellow the whole way on a beautiful spring morning.

Dan chomping on some boiled potatoes 3/4 the way up the Howard trail.

Fresh coat of paint on Longs.

Total: 75 miles (15,000).

Week didn't really get going until Friday, but that's alright as I probably needed the rest. Had a bit of a scare Tuesday with some tendon issues in my right calf. Recognized it immediately as something that shut me down for the best part of a month in February, so was very cautious. Wednesday was a very light two-mile jog, and by Thursday things seemed to be headed toward my side of the equation. By Friday I felt confident enough to give the Green TT a shot, which may or may not have been a good decision. Felt fine Saturday and Sunday, so I got lucky this time.

Anyway, I followed Green up with a horrible attempted 30-miler on Saturday that was unceremoniously chopped by a third in the midst of a bonk-fest. I didn't really feel like getting out and repeating the same run today, but I'm glad I did. The two runs were night and day. I was sore in a few places from the step-up workout on Green and the disaster on Saturday, but energy-wise I was great, plus it was a beautiful, beautiful morning. Funny what difference a day and a run can make.

So anyway, Jemez Mountain 50 miler next weekend. I am not sure if Karl will be running with his broken arm, but whether he does or not it's looking like a good race. Dakota, Ryan and I will again go head to head after the showdown in the desert last month, and PI teammate Nick Lewis will also be right there in the mix - others too, I am sure. Looks like a beautiful course with some serious climbing and descending to do, so it's going to be a great day of running regardless of the race. Ryan is hungry for this one, and he's the defending champ so I'm picking him for the win.

Three weeks of serious training left before Western States, which all seems very manageable after this lighter volume week. Just keep hammering away at the miles and the climb/descent I guess. Then it's three vital weeks of trying to stay sharp and bullet proof while also trying to get to the start rested. Starting to feel the murmur of a tingle.


  1. I put up a good effort in my comeback, but you were correct in your wishful thinking comment.

  2. Sounds like Jemez should be a good one - good luck!

    We should try to get together for a run sometime - 29-30th maybe?

  3. Glad you 'fixed the glitch' from earlier in the week and it worked itself out naturally on the Sunday run.
    Nice new pic of HT -- love seeing all that green!

  4. Justin - how very cryptic. Too bad you don't write about that content on your blog much any more. I always got a good giggle from your dating escapades.

    Nick - Yeah, guess I overlooked the reigning Green champ. Senor Lucho got a late pass into the race, which adds an extra element of depth and intrigue. Kraig Koski is a good mountain runner too, from what I understand, and then there's Goding, Harcrow and Stevenson.

    Something long (duh) might be an idea for the 29/30 weekend. Tossed around the idea of doing the FoCo TT that weekend - maybe the Sat - so if that happens, then Sunday would be a good option. TT on Towers (Horsetooth) this Thursday if you've got the time and inclination.

  5. Mike - yeah I was sick of looking at the snow on Horsetooth at the top of the blog. It was beautiful on Sunday and finally felt like spring, so I figured I'd stick something a little more seasonal up there. That shot is from a ways up Howard in Lory, which is probably my favorite trail in Horsetooth/Lory. Hope to see you on Towers this week.

  6. I would consider Thursday but I am headed to Eugene for the weekend. I figure some flat sea level running will be good HR training.