Thursday, April 15, 2010

Colorado Ultra Season Set to Open

The Fruita weekend pretty much marks the beginning of the Colorado ultra season. I believe the 50-miler is the first ultra on the Colorado running calendar (don't quote me on that), which in concert with the fact that it's very well managed for a reasonable price and held in a jaw-droppingly beautiful location, makes it a race that I am thoroughly looking forward to.

In 2007, I had signed up for the 50 miler, but after getting lost for a good half an hour, just a mile from the turnaround, I decided to call it quits at 25 miles in a somewhat pedestrian 4 and a half hours. I skipped the 2008 rendition in favor of the Horsetooth Half Marathon here in Fort Collins (another great race), and then came back in '09 looking for a spot of redemption. While I ran a strong race last year, with the exception of a painful last few miles, I know I've got a better time in me on this course. Hopefully I can run a race that I'm happy with this year so I can finally get back to running the Fort-Collins-Running-Club's Horsetooth Half which has to be one of the best half marathons in the country (and one of the best after-parties: think lashings of free New Belgium beer and great live music).

Anyway, I posted a look at the Fruita competition for all four races over at if you feel like taking a gander. As you'll see, it's a pretty strong field this year in both the male and female 50-milers, with some interest also in the two 25-mile races.

As a side note, this will serve as the second installment in the five-race Burch vs. Clark 2010 showdown. And just as a reminder, Burch took a 40-second drubbing in the first leg in Salida last month.

As a second side note, good luck to GZ and JV who will be six or seven hundred miles downriver on Saturday taking on the Grand Canyon double crossing, aka the rim to rim to rim (R2R2R).

And then a third side note wishing Brandon, Brownie and Mike in Austin all the best in their sub-3-hour quests at Boston on Monday. My money as far as finishing times are concerned is on Mike, Brownie, then Brandon, although I'm confident they'll all duck under the 3-hour bar.


  1. It was an honor just to be nominated.

    Oh, if you come running down in these parts again and you don't tell us so we can meet up, you are getting in trouble.

  2. Good luck Nick

    I guess I owe you dinner in Park City now:)

  3. Brandon - I actually felt kind of naughty sneaking down to Boulder without telling any of you guys, NMP included, but it was a bit of an incestuous PI-S outing, so I figured I'd just leave it at that. I'll be back down sooner rather than later to take a crack at that beast Sanitas - probably in the next couple of weeks. We'll have to try and get a good group together for that.

    Nick - nah, I'd hate to win by default. We should just make it a straight head to head at Wasatch. Hope you're turning the corner on that hip.

  4. Have a good one Nick. Are you going for the win or strictly a PB and whatever comes with that?

  5. Fair enough...I may go to speedgoat so that can be a replacement. I'll at least buy you a beer in Auburn

    I'm feeling better but not 100% yet. Next time you come down let me know, you should really get the full tour.

  6. Rick - Just got to beat Burch across the finish line, but beyond that, yeah looking for something in the low 7-hour range.

    Nick - good to hear things are getting better. I'll gladly accept that Auburn-beer offer - just got to make sure I get there - and yeah you should definitely do Speedgoat.

  7. I'll make sure you get there...

    And, I know you are going for the W this weekend ;)

  8. Marco, my hip has been bugging me lately and don't want to take the risk of making things worse this weekend since I don't feel 100%. I have better things to do then run around in a circle anyway - like sit on the couch

    Have fun!

  9. You are right, there is not point of running if you are not feeling 100%. I dont believe you when you say you have better things to do than run around in circles, hahaha. Specially sitting in the couch!! Hope you get better soon.

  10. Hey - nice job as always Sir Nick. Just catching up after getting out of that river valley in AZ. Looking forward to your race report. And thanks for the kind words.