Monday, January 18, 2010

Week edning Jan 17

Monday - Off

Tuesday - Off (NYC)

Wednesday - Off (NYC)

Thursday - Off (NYC)

Friday - Off

Saturday - 2 miles

Sunday - 38.5 miles (4,500'). Ghost Town.

Total: 40.5 miles (4,500').

My knee was suspect all week. Felt like I overextended it at Bandera. I get this frequently at races, but the pain is usually gone within a couple of days. This time, the pain lingered through the week and was still sore the day before Ghost Town, but was never really an issue during the race. Barely felt it the next day. Funny how that works.

After a crazy start to the new year, it's time to get some serious training done. I'll be looking to build back up slowly into the 70-90 mile zone over the next couple of months, with most everything at a comfortable training pace and a few races to stay sharp, before cranking again for the Western States build up beginning in April.

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