Sunday, January 3, 2010

2009 Spending/Miles

Well the results are in and the final mileage total and running costs for 2009 came in at 3,451 (~487,000 feet of elevation gain) and $2,922.5 respectively, which per mile equates to a cost of roughly 85 cents. I'm going to call that a bargain considering the enjoyment I get from the sport.

Just so we're clear - and I'm sure the fact that I've gone to the bother of keeping track of my run-related costs makes it abundantly clear - I attempt to minimize costs and reduce waste as much as possible, so I'm sure these results are not typical of your average, yet mildly obsessed runner.

A couple of things that helped reduce my costs this year:
  • I was fortunate to develop a relationship with the fine folks at Wilderness Running mid way through the season, which helped significantly in reducing my shoe costs.
  • Of the 23 races I ran, I received 5 comps from Simon at RunColo, while also gaining a competitive entry into Pikes and winning entry to Jelm Mtn by winning Pilot Hill, meaning that I only had to pay for 15 races (Twin Mtn Trudge was, and remains for 2010, free to all).
  • Unless I am traveling to far-flung races with my family, accommodation costs are cut from the equation as I will either camp or sleep in the back of the truck. I could certainly drive a more fuel efficient car, or endeavor to carpool more, so there is money wasted there (not to mention the environmental cost).
  • I don't eat gels or any other type of race-fuel product in training, thereby reducing those costs significantly.
  • I tend to avoid too much travel, but do enjoy getting out of the state to run every now and then.
  • Finally, I am decidedly disinterested in spending money on running gear, gadgets and clothing. The treadmill purchase was my wife's decision (for her use), although I included it as a cost as I have used it a bit. But beyond that gear costs were limited to $100 worth of watch and sunglasses. All my running clothing is either from races, bummed from my wife, found (gloves especially), won or being stretched to the outer limits of raggidiness.
While the whole bookkeeping exercise has now been drawn to a close, I expect my costs to be similar or less for 2010.

Where'd It All Go?

Race Registrations: $851
Car Miles (gas only): $630
Gear: $398 (Treadmill, sunglasses, watch)
Air miles: $275
Accommodation: $262
Shoes: $216
Travel Food & Beverages (beer and coffee): $260
Misc: $75
Parks Pass: $65
Medical: $60
Run Fuel: $50
Race Winnings: ($200)

And for the record:

December Spending

Dec 4 - Christmas Classic registration - $15
Dec 12 - To race - $5
Dec 17 - To Running Club Social - $5
Dec 18 - Flight to San Antonio for Bandera - $185
Dec 22 - Harrietsham entry - $8

December Totals

Spending ................ $218
Mileage .................... 331 (20,400')
Spending per mile .. $0.66

2009 Totals


Jan ......... $456
Feb ......... $284
March ...... $30
April ........ $318
May ......... $498
June ........ $366
July ......... $106
August .... $178
Sept ........ $50
Oct .......... $407.50
Nov ......... $11
Dec ......... $218
To date .... $2,922.50


Jan ................ 265 (33,000 feet)
Feb ................ 259.5 (40,350 feet)
March ........... 302 (32,050 feet)
April ............. 247.5 (31,300 feet)
May ............... 513 (67,000 feet)
June .............. 268 (46,150 feet)
July ............... 228 (50,650 feet)
August ........... 282 (56,700 feet)
September ..... 309 (39,000 feet)
October .......... 191 (12,500 feet)
November ..... 255.5 (56,700')
December....... 331 (20,400')

Total ............... 3,451 (486,600 feet)
Monthly Ave .. 288 (40,550 feet)

Spending per Mile: $0.85


  1. Nearly 500,000 feet of climbing? HOLY COW - HA!

  2. Brett - yeah, I guess I kind of had 500k as something of a goal in the back of my mind, but with the last couple of weeks of the year in the UK, there was no real way to push out the last few thousand feet.

    There's really no avoiding the hills if I want to run close to home, so good job I've grown to appreciate the slow, methodical rhythm of a good climb.

  3. I like that you include beer as a running related cost!

  4. Nick - there is no better post-run painkiller. I also like to sink a couple the night before.

  5. Awesome! I'm gonna try to track this in '10. Not counting beer though, since I'd be drinking that whether or not I ran.

  6. I love it! Nick, do you keep track of other spending like food and entertainment?

  7. I track it as well and come to about same numbers. $3k/year for a touch over 3,000 miles of running and racing, and I do go on skinny (as you are). While per mile the number is not so bad, it is still scary when looked at at the end of the know, thinking of the family finances and such. But, we do what we can, otherwise, why live if not enjoy it?

  8. Nick - just curious. Is this total running miles or just racing miles?

    Thanks for the cool stats! - Tony C

  9. Simon - don't really keep track of my spending, but have a good idea of where the money goes monthly. Running was something of an x factor so figured I'd keep track for a year.

    Olga - couldn't agree more.

    Tony - I raced 420 odd miles last year. The 3,450 mileage total is all miles, so approx 12% of my mileage was racing. Seems like a lot now I think about it.