Sunday, July 5, 2009

Week Ending July 5

Mon - 8 miles easy (1,650 feet)

Tues - 3.5 miles. 1,000 warm-up, 5 x 600 (2:00-2:03), mile warm down. (WCs)

Weds - Off

Thurs - 10 miles (3,000 feet). Round Mountain TT. (CLs)

Fri - Off

Sat - 4 miles. Mile warm up. FireKracker 5k. (WCs)

Mother Nature put on her own light show just before the fireworks:

Sun - 17 miles (2,000 feet). 2:26. Home to Blue Sky - Indian Summer - Loveland ridge & back. (VQ)

Total: 42.5 (6,500 vertical feet).
Wildcats - 7.5 miles
Crosslites - 10 miles
Vasque - 17 miles

A lower-mileage week with the emphasis on leg turnover. With Bighorn in the rear-view mirror, I am trying to focus on building some speed and having fun at shorter races. I'm setting my sights on a sub-17 5k and a sub-2:40 marathon on the roads, while competing well at marathon and shorter trail races. I'm scrubbing the Leadville Silver Rush 50 from my race schedule as it serves no purpose towards those goals and will just leave me with a two-week post race period where I would be trying to recover while also train, and those two don't mesh too well - as I am currently finding out.

I'm hoping I'll be good to go for the marathon next weekend, and plan to take the second half of the week very easy in a bid to get to the start line with legs that are somewhat fresh. Today's semi-long run felt decent, if not great, so we'll see.

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