Sunday, July 26, 2009

Week Ending July 26

Mon - 8 miles easy (1,650'). 1:16. Horsetooth/Audra. (WCs)

Tue - 4 miles track. 1/2 mile warm up, 1 mile LT (5:32), 4 x 800 w/ 1:20 rest (2:38, 2:37, 2:37, 2:37), half mile cool down. Beginning to feel more comfortable at the track and moving faster than my usual 9 minute training pace. Encouraging workout. (Vas)

Wed - Off. Never found the time or motivation to sneak in a run.

Thurs am - 11 miles (2,000'). 1:36. Horsetooth course + some extra stuff tacked on. Legs really beginning to feel like their old selves. Some hamstring soreness from Tuesday's track session, but otherwise felt great. (CLs)

pm - 6 miles easy on Milner (500'). 45:50 (Vas)

Fri - 5 mile hike to top of Horsetooth Rock (1,600).

pm - 6 miles Milner (500'). 43:48. (Vas)

Sat - 12 miles up Signal Mountain (3,500'). Chad and I were back for some unfinished business on Signal. Got going at 6am for what turned out to be a beautifully rewarding run. The first two miles of trail from the Dunraven TH were horribly torn up by horse traffic, but once past the Doner Pass junction, it was steady up on creek-bed style trail through some silly inclines in places to a small alpine meadow and then to treeline. Once out of the trees, this trail opens up to reveal unbelievable views of the Continental Divide and lower FoCo-area peaks. This has to be one of, if not the, best climbs within striking distance of Fort Collins. The views really are outstanding, and while 3,500 feet of climbing may not be everybody's cup of tea, if you're into running uphill then this is a must do - like, must, must do - run. The peak tops out at 11,200 feet and offers easy access to other nearby peaks. Unfortunately we were under strict orders from our better halves to get home early, so couldn't explore, but this one day will be a killer launching point for an all-dayer in the Mummies. (CLs)

Sun - 0 miles. In Denver during the day watching Rockies game, among other things. Got back quite late and decided to not run because of some lower back pain from Saturday. Bit nervous about running Pikes tomorrow with this back thing (put me out for months and months last year), but I guess I'll take it easy and see how it feels.

Total: 52 miles (9,750').

WCs: 79 miles
CLs: 61 miles
Vas: 50 miles

Not a great week, but some good workouts in there. Going to run by feel from here until Pikes and not worry too much about mileage. I'll have what I have, and I'd rather compromise fitness than push through pain and fatigue, and risk injury. Feels like it's already been a long season.

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  1. You have had a HUGE season - I look at that stuff to the right and ache reading it. Definitely a smart time to run when you have it, and take the easy days off / super easy.