Sunday, May 10, 2009

Week ending May 10

Mon - 7.5 miles (1,400 feet). 1:12. Up Horsetooth/Audra/Spring Creek. Took this one pretty easy, but was happy to get up and around with little soreness from Collegiate.

Tue am - 10 miles (800 feet). 1:18. Easy run on Blue Sky trail to Coyote Ridge and back. Two snakes shook me up a bit. Time to run under the trees.
pm - 6 miles easy. 48:20. Lap and a half of Pineridge. Calf and quads were pretty sore on this run. Might be overdoing it right now, without sufficient recovery, but I want to make May count so we'll see how things feel over the next day or two.

Wed noon - 13.5 miles (2,500 feet). 1:53. Horsetooth - Spring Creek/Stout - Sawmill - Loggers - Mill Creek - Southridge - Horsetooth. Felt good on this one. Mill Creek has been cleared of all downed trees, which is great as this is going be a regular route for me through May as I try to build some mileage and vertical.
pm - 4 miles easy at Pineridge.

Thu noon - 13.5 (2,200 feet). 1:56. Route from yesterday in reverse. Felt exhausted from Mill Creek on. Pretty hot out. Decided to bag a planned pm run.

Fri noon - 8 miles (1,650 feet). 1:12. Audra route. Felt 100% better than Thursday. Hills were effortless, and was running with as close to no pain as I have in weeks.
pm - 6 miles easy. 0:50. Jogged a lap and a half at Pineridge. 118-mile, 7-day moving average from Saturday.

Sat am - 17.5 miles easy (1,100 feet). 2:35. Ran down to Devil's Backbone to meet Chad and run the Crazy Legs 10k course. Originally planned to run back for a 28-mile morning, but lingered too long at the parking lot and eventually asked for a ride home. Disappointed to cave, but oh well. Legs felt like they could have comfortably covered the distance back, but were sufficiently tired and achy that a ride home seemed like the way to go.

Sun am - 2 miles setting up T&H course.
Noon - 14 miles (1,000 feet) at Bobcat Ridge with Ryan. 2:06.

Total: 102 miles (10,650 vertical feet)

Pretty happy with how I felt this week. Decided to run through some calf issues early in the week, and was pretty much pain free by Friday. Going to try and keep building through the rest of May, and then ease into June so I'm ready and rested for Big Horn. Not really used to running 100-mile weeks, so hopefully everything will hold up through what I hope will be a 450+ mile month.

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