Thursday, December 5, 2013

El Chubbo - 4th Annual - this Saturday

It's just about time for that cheeky little event we've been putting on up here in the northern extremes of Colorado's Front Range the last four years. The course is part-way marked, the banner is up, and the parks have a nice fresh coat of snow. As always, the festivities start and end at my house, a short half mile from the Horsetooth trailhead. The forecast for Saturday is cold, but warmer than today, warmer than tomorrow and just about right for early December. Bring a couple of layers and you'll be just fine.

To keep things simple, we've changed nothing. It's the same deal as the last three years, with staggered start times of 7:00, 8:00 & 9:00 and multi-distance options that include the Junior Varsity (20 miles ~ 5,500'), the Marathon (25.5 miles ~ 6,500') and El Chubbo Grande (31.5 miles ~ 7,500'), but people have been known to go longer and shorter.

The idea is that you pick a start time and distance that will get you back to race HQ between the hours of 2:00 and 3:00 for beers, nibbles and banter. Previous results are here ('10), here ('11) and here ('12)

Route info is here. We'll have most of the intersections marked, but strongly suggest you print out a copy of the course map if you're not familiar with the trails. Ms. Ashley Waddell has kindly offered to (wo)man an informal aid station at the Arthur's TH, which depending on your route choice will be mile 12.5, 16 or 22.

Feel free to bring some adult beverages and something to eat for after the run.


No whining
No bitching
No blaming the RD if you get lost.


JV Men: Justin Mock (3:25)
JV Women: Victoria Funk (5:16)

Marathon Men: Nick Clark (4:31)
Marathon Women: Darcy Africa (5:10)

Chubster Men: Johannes Rudolph (5:40)
Chubster Women: Sarah Hansen (6:45)

Fourth annual.


  1. Thanks for hosting again Nick,

    Do you think there will be a need for microspikes?

  2. Probably not, but it wouldn't hurt to bring a pair, I guess.

  3. Sorry to miss again, but family duty calls. See you in Salida if not before.