Tuesday, November 13, 2012


People been bugging me about the cheeky little event we've been putting on up here in the northern extremes of Colorado's Front Range the last couple of years. And, yes, we're on again for the third annual Bare Ass Cheeks run, with festivities starting and ending at my house on the 8th of December.

To keep things simple, we've changed nothing. It's the same deal as the last two years, with staggered start times of 7:00, 8:00 & 9:00 and multi-distance options that include the Junior Varsity (20 miles ~ 5,500'), the Marathon (25.5 miles ~ 6,500') and El Chubbo Grande (31.5 miles ~ 7,500'), but people have been known to go longer and shorter.

The idea is that you pick a start time and distance that will get you back to race HQ between the hours of 2:00 and 3:00 for beers, grub and banter. Previous results are here ('10) and here ('11).

Route info is here. We've marked intersections the past two years, but no promises this year. Print out a map and bring it with you! There may or may not be an informal aid station at the Arthur's TH. Price of admission is some kind of food or beverage to share. Everyone and anyone welcome.


No whining
No bitching
No blaming the RD if you get lost.

CRs (I think):

JV Men: Justin Mock (3:25)
JV Women: Marie-Helene Faurie (6:32)

Marathon Men: Tim Long (4:44)
Marathon Women: Darcy Africa (5:10)

Chubster Men: Pete Stevenson (5:44)
Chubster Women: Jenn Malmberg (7:43)


  1. Course record holder is set to return.

  2. Maybe you'll graduate to the Marathon distance - see if you can claim 2 of 3 CRs?

  3. I think I may. I've run a marathon each of the last 10 years. If I go 26.2 here, maybe I can still make the claim that the streak is alive.

  4. That Men's Chubster CR looks VERY soft!

  5. UNBELIEVABLY soft. Pete's praying for snow again this year, I'm sure.

  6. The second best fat ass on the Front Range!

  7. Comparing fat asses and chubsters, calling them soft.
    What a sausage-fest.

  8. Looking forward to it - see you in a few weeks!

  9. Mike Enger and I plan on heading up the hill that day to join in the festivities and represent the Roost!! Sounds like a blast and we'll plan on bringing plenty of Michelob Ultra!

  10. Steve - I forgot to mention in the original post that anyone found trying to sneak Michelob Ultra (or any diet beer for that matter) into the party will face an auto DQF.

    See you in a couple of weeks, if not on T-Day morning.

  11. Doesn't that beer rule automatically DQF SlowAaron? Dude always brings crappy beer to my parties! Hope to get up for this.