Thursday, August 2, 2012

Week Ending July 29

Mon - Noon: 8.5 miles (800') easy. Milner Mountain Loop with O&B to one mile marker in Redstone Canyon. A bit of gunk in the legs from the weekend. Heat!
PM: 3 miles (600') easy. Quick bench loop before dinner to try and work out some of the soreness.

Tues - Noon: 5 miles (1,000') steady. Falls loop. Legs much better today. Floating in extreme heat (for this Englishman).
PM - 7.5 miles track. Tuesday Night Track workout was 1,200 open, then 12 x 300. Warmed up with a mile and half, but still didn't have much appetite for the opening 1,200, the first half of which I essentially jogged. The 300s were okay; the pain is short-lived and recovery is quick. 100 meter jog between 300s: 4:11, 57, 56, 57, 56, 56, 56, 56, 56, 55, 52, 56, 55.

Weds - Noon: 10.5 miles (2,600) easy. With Mike H to Horsetooth summit (Southridge/Audra) with a stop at top of Audra to wait out heavy rainfall, lightning and thunder. Then Westridge - Towers - Spring Creek - Falls - Falls Trail.
PM: 3 miles (600') easy. Bench loop.

Thurs - Noon: 3 miles (600') easy. Bench loop.
PM: 9.5 miles (2,000') Towers steady. 32:53. Eased into this effort and kept things at a pretty moderate effort all the way up. Corrie brought out a high school contingent from Thompson Valley, which was a fun diversion from their usual training I'm sure. The girls failed to time themselves, but I'm guessing a couple of them ran it pretty quick. Fastest guy was Caleb in just under 32 mins, which I think is a high school best on the hill. Legs felt moderate to good, so hoping I'll have something to work with at Speedgoat.

Friday - Off. Driving or working most of the day.

Saturday - 32.5 miles (11,200') race. Speedgoat 50k. Race report to come.

Sunday - 4 miles (700') easy. Just a bit of jogging around Snowbird before the drive home. Felt fine for the most part, but wasn't really into it, so cut things short. 

Total: 86.5 miles (20,100') 

This ended up being a lower mileage week than planned, so I'll look to cut the taper for Leadville to two weeks and hopefully put in 90-100 miles this week. With that in mind, I shut things down at about the halfway point at Speedgoat after it was evident that I wasn't going to be in contention for a top-five finish - which was a goal going in. Jogging the last two descents there means that my legs have been feeling great this week. I'm looking forward to some big mileage up in Leadville this weekend, capped hopefully with a fun day of peak-bagging on Sunday. I'll shut things down pretty aggressively from there for the last two weeks before Leadville, with mainly flat running and a couple of good tempo workouts.  


  1. Can't make it to Leadville this year, but I'd surely crew for you for free just to watch the action up front. Give them hell in the High Country!