Thursday, January 5, 2012

Week Ending Jan 1

Mon - 6 miles. Saltwood Boxing Day Run with 3 mile w-u.

Tues - 10 miles easy
. Blean Woods black loop.

Weds - 6.5 miles easy. Blean Woods red and green loop.

Thurs - 9.5 miles easy at Bedgebury with Matt in the mud and rain

Fri - 4 miles easy
with my brother Matt and nephew William in the leafy Kentish countryside around Horsmonden.

Sat - 9 miles
. Whitstable Parkrun 5k with 6 mile run to Jim's house from Canters on the Crab and Winkle.
January: 440.5 miles (45,850')
February: 304.5 miles (39,200')
March: 469.5 miles (67,100')
April: 427 (62,000')
May: 509.5 (92,500')
June: 323 (54,900')
July: 303.5 (79,700)
August: 297.5 (70,000')
September: 202 (37,500')
October: 373.5 (68,150')
November 377.5 (67,400)
December 236 (45,000')

Total: 4,264 miles (729,400')
Avg: 355 miles (60,783')

Sun - 5.5 miles easy. Three university loops in Canterbury.

Total: 50.5 miles

Closed the year out with my second-lowest mileage month of the year. However, 4,264 miles on the year is most respectable and an increase of 164 miles on last year. In addition to the linear mileage, I was able to rack 140 miles in the third dimension for an average over the year of 170 feet gained (and lost) per mile run. Two years back to back at over 4,000 miles is good consistency, but I'm on the Nordic 4-year plan. The peak comes in 2013 and then I retire.

Given the relatively low December mileage, it would be reasonable to assume that I'll be nice and rested for Bandera this weekend, but unfortunately I don't feel particularly fresh, especially after a long and stressful flight back from the UK yesterday. But you never know, sometimes you run your best races when you least expect them. As always when I'm toeing a start line, I'll be there to compete, not just go through the motions, so you never know.

Sixty degrees on my lunch run today with clear blue skies. Man I love Colorado.


  1. Nice pictures of Kent. Green fields and muddy woodland trails! I am sure the Colorado mountains are better though. good luck at Bandera from wet, windy and cold England.

  2. Welcome back to the U.S. -- and sorry you have to leave it again so quickly for, well, Texas. Seriously, though, best of luck and happy New Year!