Saturday, December 10, 2011

Chunky Cheeks 2011

Another Chubster in the books, and another fun day on the trails. We had 60 official finishers and probably another 10 or so who didn't get their name on the finishers' list, but who the hell wants to be credited for an eight hour 50k anyway? The underfoot conditions were certainly challenging, but as we were able to cash in one of our 300 days of annual Front Range sunshine we had a picture perfect bluebird day, so things were just peachy.

In a show of Front Range unity, we had representation from the Colorado Springs CRUDsters, the Denver trail runners, the Longmont trail runner, and geez even some runners from Boulder managed to tear themselves away from The Republic for the day. Oh, and Aspen and Wyoming were represented too. The 7:00 a.m. start was easily the most popular with somewhere in the region of 30 starters, followed closely by the 7:35 crowd (er, duo), the 7:50 crowd (er, duo), the 8:00 am crowd of 10-15 runners and the 20 or so 9:00 am starters.

And then it was off to the top of Horsetooth with D.Bo, Burch, Jason Koop, Dan Vega and Jason Schlarb who was impressively in for the full 50k despite running a hard TNF50 miler the weekend prior. Backtracking off the rock, we caught up with Young Money Jones who was already 10 minutes in arrears, which was cause for extreme question marks regrading his top finish at the TNF50, compounded soon thereafter by an obscene and blatant case of course cutting. Serious questions need to be asked.

And so we rolled on, slipping and sliding our way up Stout and Spring Creek, dropping into the Mill Creek abyss before grinding our way up Howard in search of an Arthur's summit and a stop for views and calories. The Timber descent was snowy but mercifully ice-free. After a quick stop for water at the Lory Visitors Center and a miraculously ice-free ascent of Well Gulch, followed by a slippery crossing of Overlook, we made a quick drop in to visit with Slow Aaron Marks who was manning the Arthurs aid station at mile 21 or so.

With all the snowy cross sliding, my hips and groin were barking by this stage and the thought of Sawmill/Carey/Towers was just heinous, but eventually we left SAM's aid to negotiate the nasty footing on the valley and the fourth and final ascent of the day. My lack of caloric intake caught up with me on the climb and I trudged through a semi bonk before rallying for the final four miles from Wathan back to my house and the finish line.

Thanks to everyone for coming out and sharing the day. And thanks also for leaving so much beer in my fridge. See you next year for the third rendition.

7:00 am

7:35 am

8:00 am

9:00 am

7:00 am runners starting up the Horsetooth Rock trail

South side of the Tooth from Audra

Celeste and Ziggy posing under Horsetooth

Sarah and Alex notch a Horsetooth summit

Longs and Meeker from top H'tooth

Sarah and Rick up Stout

Runners on Mill Creek

Despite our best efforts, Cat still managed to take her mandatory wrong turn

Found wandering around and lost at the base of Arthurs Rock. Kristel, Jenn, Cat.

Cat on the Arthurs descent


Sam and Slush. Epic on Arturo

Pete and crew pick their way down Arthurs

Rick Hessek and Brad powering up Mill Creek and Howard on their way to an Arthurs summit

Aaron's back of the car aid station

Running partners for the day: D.Bo, J.Schlar, R.Bur, D.Ve, J.Koo & D.O.G

Wasted on Sawmill, Carey, Towers

Post-race festivities

Your 2011 Chubby Results

Rob tells me that Shannon (pictured) was the winner in the women's 50k with a time of 7 something.


  1. Thanks for putting this together, and for letting everyone into your home post-run. Hope you have a good trip to England!

  2. Thanks for putting on such a great event, it was awesome meeting such nice people!

    Tim Erickson

  3. Good times! Thanks for hosting and all the post run festivities! Here's to one of those bottles for me.

  4. Thanks Nick. Great fun! And somehow I got my ass kicked by the course. -Alec

  5. I know that you think it was a bit tortuous, but I had a blast. Thanks for organizing, hosting and stealing pics off of Dana's FB. See you at the Tutu10/20.

  6. The best time to be had - thanks Nick!