Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Week Ending May 22

Mon - Noon: 9 miles (1,900') easy. Falls - Spring Creek - Stout - Loggers - Carey Springs - Towers - Herrington - Spring Creek - Soderberg - home long.

Tues - AM: 5 miles (1,000') easy. Falls Long.
PM - 8 miles track. First Tuesday Night Track workout of the summer season. A low-volume session, which was fine by me with Jemez upcoming. 3 mile w-u, then 800 'featured event' at 2:47, followed by 4x800 on lap rest: 2:33 (75, 78), 2:37 (80, 77), 2:37 (79, 78), 2:36 (80, 76). Ran with Chris, 2 Brians and Dave for the four 800s, which helped push the pace a bit. Mile c-d.

Weds - Noon: 5 miles (1,000') easy. Falls Long.

Thurs - AM: 10 miles (1,200')
. Out and back to high point on Indian Summer from Bluesky TH with Alex, Brian S, Celeste, Kyle, Sarah, and Slush. Wet out, but the mud factor wasn't bad on Bluesky. Slush starting dropping some sub-7 stuff on the way back, which was a touch hotter than I was planning, but all good.
PM: 6 miles (1,800'). To top of Horsetooth at a steady pace (27:40) with 8 others from FCTR on a very wet night. Summit was completely socked in. On the way down Wathan to check out the waterfall, Steph asked me how to improve her downhilling. Blabbering on about running harder in training to gain confidence, I caught a rock and went flying. Didn't have a chance - straight over the handlebars. "Um, yeah, so don't do that!"

Fri - PM: 4 miles (600') easy
. Easy from Jemez finish to final aid and back with Nick P.

Sat - AM: 50 miles (12,000'). Jemez 50.

Sun - 0 miles. Had planned to break up the trip coming home with a jog on a trail somewhere, but got a late start so forewent the jog.

Total: 97 miles (19,500')

Got to be happy with this week. Obviously, Jemez was a huge confidence boost with just a few weeks of training left until Western. My legs feel really strong right now, and overall I'm feeling a level of fitness and durability that I've never felt before (knock on wood).

All that's left to do now is to not get carried away. Got to keep plugging for two more weeks and then get rested in the three weeks leading up to WS. I still plan on running the Dirty Thirty down in Black Hawk the weekend after next, but as nothing more than a long, hard training run. I Will Not Get Carried Away. I want to double up that weekend with a similar type of run the next day, so will need to leave something in the tank.

Still waiting for the sun. In the meantime, I'm forced to look silly on my easy runs by layering up as I try to run around in an uncomfortable sweat in preparation for the canyon heat. No time (or desire) for saunas or any that other heat prep stuff.


  1. Your training has been real solid, Nick! Great run at Jemez, too. Andrea and I are pulling for you at WS! We're taking a post-marathon vacation (most likely to Mt Shasta, Lassen, and Tahoe) around the time of WS, so we're considering possibly coming out to watch some of it. Train smart the next few weeks!

  2. Jake - thanks! Hey, you could probably get some skiing in while there the way the snowpack is right now. Would be great to see you guys out there.

    Congrats (to both of you) on a strong half the other week, BTW. I'm thinking 2:25, but wouldn't be surprised to see you go lower than that. Get after it!

  3. Since you're now taking down Skaggs' records, I would think that anything less than wins in CR times at BOTH WS and HR would be a huge disappointment.

    And great idea to take it easy at the Dirty Thirty. Maybe go 6:30 for some time on your feet...

  4. Thanks Nick. That's sort of the plan... go out ~1:13 and try to run a negative split. I'm definitely getting anxious to just get out there and go for it.

  5. Nick:

    Congrats again on your amazing Jemez win. And best of luck at Western States and Hardrock, where you'll surely enjoy incedible success (and dare I say legendary status?).

    Thank you for taking the time to walk with me after Jemez. I think Jemez exposed a bad flaw in my training--not enough time in the mountains (I've allowed a busy life to lead me to too much road running). So from here on out I'm redoubling my efforts to get to the trails and get in some nice vertical. Anyway, your interest in my race and your interest in helping me figure out what went wrong at Jemez reveal what a first-class guy you are.

    Congrats again!


  6. Great run at Jemez, Nick! That was super impressive and I'm stoked you're feeling so strong going in to WS. I'm glad you're running that before HR so you'll be tired if I do get beard isn't as long as yours :)

  7. Thanks for the tip, Brownie. Don't you owe me beer from Salida still?

    Jake - looking forward to seeing how it plays out. Hope you're tapering for this one!

    Wyatt - It was a pleasure meeting and chatting with you too. I don't have too many pearls of wisdom when it comes to training, but this I know: If you want to perform well in the mountains, you've got to train in them. You should persuade your wife to move out to FoCo - we've got great access.

    Joe - my beard grows slow, so still plenty of time to catch up. Hope you get in. Looking like a good field this year.

  8. Nick - your the dogs bollocks!

  9. That's cool! A total of 97 miles. Thats something alright for someone like me who could only go 40 . Cool!

  10. Thought you were going for CR at dirty thrity...or is that taking it easy these days ;)

    Can't believe you didn't get in 100 miles. I think you are now doomed for WS!

  11. "I Will Not Get Carried Away"

    Bull Shit! I wanna see you "not" try to reel someone in during the final stretch and go into the red. Or better yet have your sights set on another CR...

    You don't fool me Nicky!
    Be safe out there.

  12. Nick,

    Really enjoy following your blog here in Paris and congrats on a stellar performance at Jemez. You fitness seems to be right where you want it and I will be following WS eagerly and backing you all the way. Cheers.