Saturday, December 18, 2010

Some Chub Pics

Forty-six starters, 42 official finishers, 4 MIA. More in a day or two (maybe). Some pics (or go here for much better pics from Jeff O and here for pics from Rob):

7:00am wave

8:00am wave

9:00am wave

Dan B heading into 'Arthur's Aid'

Marie & Celeste taking a break at Arthur's Aid

Looking down the valley from Arthur's Aid

Your short-course Top American

Followed closely by Dakota J.

Darcy & Dan post race

Slush takes the costume award



  1. Looks like a great time, Nick. Unfortunately, my running was limited to a whopping 12min this morning because of a re-injuring of my calf last weekend. I'm glad to see Darcy and Dan were able to make it up and represent Boulder, though. I'll have to make it up there sometime soon for a proper tour of the Horsetooth trails.

  2. Thanks for having us up Nick. See you next in New Orleans.

  3. Thanks for the great run! Awesome trails right out your front door, I can see how you got yourself into such great shape you were able to grab second place in your age group at Western...

  4. Thanks again, Nick, for putting together such a great day of running for us. Super time!

  5. Looks pretty sweet. I mean a sign and everything.

  6. Thanks Nick - I can't believe I can actually say with honesty that I had a great time running 22 miles! We are so lucky to have these beautiful trails in our backyard.

  7. Thanks for hosting a great event! We definitely need to make this one an annual tradition.

  8. Looks like you put on quite the event...a sign, course markings, even aid stations!

  9. It was a great day on the trails. I can very honestly say this was my best ever December trail run and certainly one of the best runs of the year. Thanks for all your work putting this together. A great time was had by all!

  10. Hey Nick

    Thanks and very nice job on organizing this thing despite the circumstances. With my job taking up to the Fort I look to get out on the Towers time trial every once in a while. I think that's a hidden gem that will condition any legs and lungs for that matter.

    Happy Holidays! See you in the new year.

  11. Thanks Nick!
    I'm proud to have participated in the inaugural CC50k. Of course with my (both) planned and unplanned detours, I think I actually ran the inaugural "el major grande gordo chub-tacular-r-r-r-r-r" 55k. ok, maybe 54k. Perfect training for Red Hot at any rate.
    Thanks again for hosting such a fun event!
    Cheers, Slush

  12. 2010 Top Trail Running Town: FORT FUN! Okay, the whole Colorado Front Range isn't too shabby either. Thanks Nick for a great day and for all you do year-round to support this crazy group of dirt runners.

  13. Thanks Nick for organizing and hosting this. And thanks to the others for helping with marking the course...very well done.