Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fortnight Ending September 19

Mon - 1 mile with Alistair at CSU race.
Tues - 3.5 miles (1,000') easy with FCTR at Reservoir Ridge.
Weds - 4.5 miles (1,000'). Horsetooth Falls loop.
Thurs - 0 miles.
Fri - 104 miles (27,000'). Wasatch 100.
Sat - 0 miles.
Sun - 0 miles

Total: 113 miles (29,000')

Mon - 0 miles
Tues - 0 miles

Weds - 0 miles
Thurs - 6.5 miles easy at Pineridge with FCTR crew.
Fri - 0 miles
Sat - 0 miles
. Hike up West White Pine with D & A.
Sun - 20 miles (6,100')
. Lookout/Signal loop from Dunraven.

Total: 26.5 miles (6,100')

Got out for a couple of runs this week but nothing really until today, which was probably a little longer than it needed to be, but it would have been criminal to let the beautiful weekend get away without some kind of higher-peak action. Felt great to be out enjoying the mountains with no particular training or racing focus. Still some residual stuff in the quads on the downs from Wasatch, in addition to general leg fatigue, but things generally felt good.

Will look to keep a similar running schedule for the next few weeks, which means I'll be looking to get up high exploring on the weekends for as long as the weather allows, while taking at least a couple of days off through the week.

Probably look to run the Silent Trails 10 mile Memorial Race in Laramie Oct. 9 and maybe the Bacon Strip 10 mile (which was the first race I ever ran in Colorado) Oct. 2. Heart Center of the Rockies Half Marathon Nov. 7 could be fun too. Haven't run a road half in quite some time, so that would be a good opportunity to firm up my half PR. Maybe a bit of snowshoe racing this winter.

Looking further afield, I've been thinking through some options for next year, and while I really have no idea what the main focus will be, I know I'm feeling pretty lukewarm on returning to Western States, but have definitely been giving some thought to a long trail FKT attempt. Seems John Muir, Colorado Trail and the Long Trail (VT) are the big three as far as shorter long trails are concerned. Will probably do a separate post on some of the research I've been doing on those in the near future.


  1. Remind me not to let you navigate if we ever run together. I think a long trail FKT attempt next year would be epic.

  2. Given your route finding skills, I hope you plan on doing plenty of recon if you go for a FKT :)

    I have been told Long trail is probably the toughest of the three. The terrain is pretty tough but you have to go ~4 days with pretty minimal sleep which is hard. I think for the CT it would be possible to sleep a good bit each night and still get the record.

  3. Yeah, in terms of gnarly gnastiness, the Long Trail (270ish miles) is the worst from what I understand. I think the JMT (220) would be the 'easier' of the three, but perhaps logistically the most complicated given that it is out of state with tough support access. Colorado (480) is easily the longest, but would be the best for support. Not sure on access for Vermont, but I have an uncle out there who would probably be into crewing the deal, or who at least could round up some help.

    On current records, Scott J and others seem to think Colorado is pretty tight. JMT was just lowered by a huge margin last year, but I still think the FKT might be a little soft there - especially for a supported run. Vermont record belongs to Jonathan Basham, which makes me think it's pretty stout.

    Anyway, just a seed of a thought right now.

  4. Hey Nick I would help you in a heartbeat if you did the JMT! Ashley and I have been toying with doing that next Summer...awsome!!

  5. Keira - wow, thanks for the offer! Okay, now you got me thinking JMT again. Maybe we can compare notes at Leona!

  6. so you are doing leona divide?

  7. Thinking about it, but really no firm plans on anything for next year yet. Oh, except that I'll be putting my name into the hat for Hardrock ;-)