Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Week Ending August 1

Monday - 8 miles (1,900'). Horsetooth/Audra short. Low 90s at noon for this one. Felt great. Some days the heat zaps you, some days it just feels good. I got a good one today.

Tuesday - 15 miles (5,000'). Longs Peak.

Wednesday - 7 miles. 4 mile w-u/c-d. 5k race.

Thurs - 10.5 miles (1,800'). Towers w/ 3.5 mile w-u. 32:18. Another great turnout for the Towers TT, including six high school cross country runners from Loveland. Good stuff. Had to push a touch to keep from being high-schooled.

Fri - Zippo. Travel and no desire to run once in Utah.

Sat - 32 miles (11,000'). Speedgoat 50k.

Jan: 252 (33,700')
Feb: 189 (33,500')
March: 488 (70,000')
April: 482.5 miles (72,700')
May: 439 miles (79,500')
June: 334 miles (49,000')
July 279.5 miles (64,400')

2010: 2,463.5 (402,800')
Avg: 352 (57,542')

Sun - No time or desire with tenant move out/move in madness going on at one of the student rentals. Legs good for the most part, but sore right above the knees and in the quads a bit.

Total: 72.5 miles (19,700')

Not quite the week I had wanted on the mileage front with the two days off, but there was plenty of quality stuff in there. Hopefully I didn't totally overdo it and shoot myself in the foot with regards to Pikes.

I need to remain focused on quality and not sweat the mileage as I get ready for Pikes in these last three weeks before the race. Plenty of sharpening that can still happen, so will be looking to get some recovery by cutting some junk, but remain keyed-in on power and speed workouts with a couple longer weekend runs to stay long-run sharp. Looks like the mileage will be up slightly this week on last, so I'll probably institute a short (for me) two-week taper for Pikes with half an eye on Wasatch in September.


  1. Nice run at SpeedGoat. How does that course compare with Jamez? Huge monthly vertical average, wow! Kinda puts what I've been doing into perspective.

  2. Same vertical as Jemez in 20 fewer miles - about says it all. Per the Altera, it was a touch over 11k total vert, so not quite the 12k advertised, but still a series climb day.