Sunday, December 27, 2009

Week Ending Dec. 27


AM - 10.5 miles easy to Blean Woods (black loop) and back. 1:20.

PM - 6.5 miles easy. 53. Four university laps.


27.5 miles. 4:00'ish. Stour Valley, Saxon Shore Way, Crab and Winkle.


AM - 6.5 miles easy at Blean Woods. 60 mins. Red loop and green loop. Trails were sheeted with ice. Not much fun.

PM - 5 miles easy. 39 mins. Three university loops.


AM - 17 miles easy. 2:23. Blean Woods Full Monty. All five way-marked trails: black, red, green, brown, white. Legs were pretty tired towards the end of this one.

PM - 6.5 miles easy. No watch. Four university laps.


AM - 10.5 miles easy to Blean Woods (black loop) and back. 1:22.


Noon - 5 miles. 2 mile warm-up, then BDR race.


AM - 8 miles, w/ 10k race (34:48).

Total: 103 miles (maybe 3,000' climbing).

Solid week with a very encouraging 10k on Sunday to cap it all off. Nothing better than feeling strong late into a tough race when you've already been worknig hard through the early going. Two much lighter weeks upcoming to rest the legs before the trip out to Texas.

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  1. Great Week, and wowzer, awesome 10K this week! I feel that great things are aligning for you and look forward to seeing how you do at Bandera!