Sunday, November 8, 2009

Week Ending Nov. 8

Mon - 6 miles (1,500'). Six-mile Horsetooth/Audra route. Easy, no watch.

Tues - 6 miles (1,000') easy. 51:30. Soderburg to Sawmill - Loggers - Carey - Towers.

Weds - 6 miles (1,500'). 55:08. As Monday. Legs felt very good today, so went with a bit of a quicker tempo on the climb.

Thurs - 14.5 miles (3,000'). 2:10. Horsetooth Big Loop: Home - Horsetooth - Wathan - Westridge - Towers - Mill Creek - Loggers - Sawmill - Nomad - Towers - Stout - Spring Creek - Falls - Home. It was so nice out, I decided to get out for a couple of hours. Felt good, but still a bit of residual fatigue in the legs from Dublin over the last couple of miles.

Fri - Off

Sat - 12 miles (2,800'). Lookout Mountain with Pete.

Sun - 12 miles (1,800'). Bobcat Ridge with Jason Ostram. Got an email out the blue from Jason. Turns out he's trying to get back in shape for some ultra racing next year - former Montrail runner and knowledgeable about all things No. California ultra. The Bobcat loop, with its long and steady climb on Ginny and exposure to the elements is, according to Jason, much like the WS100 trail. Should I get into States, then I'll be hitting some two loopers at Bobcat on a regular basis, especially when it's hot out.

Total: 56.5 miles (12,100').

Probably a little more mileage than I need to be running right now, but the weather was so great all week that it almost seemed criminal not to be out there enjoying it. Felt great to be back running hills after the taper for Dublin. Hills are my bread and butter, and I find that I respond well to them so it'll be more of the same for the next couple of weeks. No stress, just getting out and enjoying the trails when the weather is good.


  1. I saw the "you might also like" going back to your snake experiences of the year. Ewwww? Don't be inviting us up there to FoCo to run with those demons on the trail.

  2. I'll definitely keep you posted on the GC trip. We go for four or five days. Try to pick the last weekend that the lodge on the north rim is closed, gives us a great combo of warm weather and low tourists.

  3. Forgot to tell you that I slugged a few Guinesses, two nights before the NYC Marathon. Figured if it worked for Clark it would work for me!