Sunday, September 27, 2009

Week Ending September 27

Mon - 6 miles from Soderburg TH to Arthurs TH and back. 45:10. (WCs)

noon - 8 miles easy (1,650'). Horsetooth/Audra. No watch. (Vas)

pm - 7.5 miles track. One mile warm-up, then 800 @ 2:59 and 2x (1,200, 800, 400) with 200 rest between reps and 400 between sets: 4:05, 2:40, 1:12, 3:59, 2:36, 1:15. Two-mile warm down. Legs were still sore and fatigued from Jelm, but managed to push through mentally and physically for a solid workout. This was actually a confidence builder, all things considered.

Weds - 9 miles easy (800'). No watch. Soderburg - Arthurs - Overlook - Well Gulch - West Valley - Soderburg. There are still a few sections of trail in Lory that I haven't run, and I hit a pretty sweet 1.5 mile section today. The Overlook trail is totally overgrown and gnarly with some nice little climbers and as the name suggests it offers some great views of the reservoir. Legs are still slow, but should come around with easy miles through the next ten days before Blue Sky. (WCs)

Thurs - 9 miles (1,500'). 1:19. Bobcat Ridge (Ginny - Powerline - Valley). Been a while since I've been out to Bobcat. I was reminded once again that I need to run more often there. The climb up Ginny trail is one of the mellowest around. The sweet, curvy, rocky singletrack is just a pleasure to run. Love it. (Vas)

Fri - 6 easy on Valley loop from Soderburg. No watch. (WCs)

Sat -
am 11 miles (2,000') w/3.4 hard up Towers (30:25). Ran from home with Eric, met Steve and Frank at Soderburg TH, ran hard to Towers then easy back home via Westridge - Horsetooth. (CLs)

pm 5 miles (1,600'). Hiked Horsetooth with Dana and Lisa, and 30lbs of Alistair on my back.

Sun - 13 miles easy (750') on Blue Sky Half course with Dan T and Brian T.

Total : 69.5 miles running & 5 hiking (8,300')

Slightly heavier mileage than planned, but most of it was pretty relaxed. Legs have been feeling good second half of the week. It felt good to hammer a hard run up Towers on Saturday and take over 90 seconds off my PR from June. All systems seem to be go for a good run at Blue Sky next weekend. Track on Tuesday this week and then nothing but super easy runs on the Blue Sky course.

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  1. 30 lbs of Alistair. Nice.

    Solid week.

    The show down at Blue Sky is coming ...