Sunday, June 28, 2009

Fortnight Ending June 28

Mon 15th - 4 miles easy

Tues - 4 miles easy

Weds - Off

- Off

Friday & Sat
- 102 miles (18,500 feet). Big Horn.

- Off

- Off

- Off

- 3 miles very easy. Legs still sore, hip felt arthritic but runnable (just).

- 4 miles easy. As above, but hip much better.

- 6 miles (1,200 feet). First real attempt at a training run. Hip began hurting halfway through and intense midday heat made breathing hard. Felt way out of whack on this run. Discouraging.

- 8 miles (1,650). 1:14. Legs felt much better, climbing felt good and aerobic effort felt almost normal. Still slight soreness in hip, but definitely no more than bruising. Really encouraging run. Beginning to feel like I can get a good week of training in next week as I ramp up for Leadville Marathon in two weeks.

- 13 miles (2,200 feet). 2:00. Another good run and further confirmation that I'm ready to put a good load on through the next week and a half.

Total: 144 miles (23,500 vertical feet)

All systems seem to be go after some fairly major soreness in the three days after Bighorn. A few lingering sore spots in the legs that appear to be nothing more than bruising. Aerobic fitness feels good, so I plan on putting in a solid ten days of training before a mini taper for the Leadville Marathon, which I'm already getting excited about.

The field at Leadville will include Duncan Callahan, Bryan Dayton and Corey Hanson - all legit mountain runners - so I'm pretty excited to test my fitness and strength on the tough Leadville course against a competitive field.

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