Sunday, March 1, 2009

Feb spending

Looks like the early season is proving to be a bit more expensive than I expected. Just trying to do my bit for the running sector of the economy.

Feb 6 - New altimeter watch (Highgear Axis). $73. I finally caved and got myself a techno-watch. Tired of trying to figure out vertical gain from maps, I had been wanting an altimeter watch for a while. The Axis not only provides elevation readings based on barometric pressure, but also gives accumulated gain over a run, in addition to other features such as a compass, thermometer, barometric gauge, weather forecast and 100-lap chrono. Oh, and it tells the time and has an alarm too. Got it new off ebay for less than half the retail price of $150.
Feb 7 - 50 miles to Bobcat Ridge via Stove Prairie @ $1.7 per gallon = $4.
Feb 10 - Chiropractor visit. $30 copay.
Feb 16 - Chiropractor visit. $30 copay. Felt good after the readjustments, but the chiropractor wanted me to sign up for a three-month program of treatments with the purchase of almost $300 in exercise equipment on top. Took a pass. There's a full-blown recession on, man!
Feb 19 - Salida Marathon Reg. $40
Feb 20 - Picked up at Devil's Backbone. 20 miles = $1.50
Feb 21 - Asics Kahana II from Sports Authority. $52. These are working out to be decent shoes with great support, although not great on technical terrain.
Feb 22 - Vasque Velocity from Wilderness Running. $51. Another heavy and supportive shoe, but much better on technical terrain than the Asics. Got these at a steal after trying the same shoe at REI for size. REI wanted $120.
Feb 28 - 35 miles to and from Vern's Place = $2.50


Car miles: $8
Race Fees: $40
Shoes: $103
Gear: $73
Doc: $60

Jan ......... $456
Feb ......... $284
To date ... $740

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